Why Used Vehicles are Amazing Value

People often look forward to the moment that they can purchase a new vehicle. This moment of excitement is one that should be cherished. However, down the line, this may also be a moment of regret. If you are considering buying a new vehicle, think twice. In this video, you will learn why buying used is almost always better.

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Used cars are nearly always cheaper. You only have to go a few model years back to get a tremendous deal. On the other hand, new cars depreciate in value a huge amount over the first year. In fact, just by buying the new vehicle, it loses value. This is because it becomes a used vehicle in name.

There also isn’t much difference in repairs as long as the used mile has decent mileage and good reliability ratings. The vehicle repairs will likely be comparable. If they are not, it may actually be the new vehicle costing you more in repairs. This is for a few reasons. New vehicles have not been thoroughly road tested yet. They may not be as reliable as first thought. There is no test quite like a mass consumer test. Further, these vehicles may even have recalls.


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