What It’s Like to Use a Car Wheelchair Ramp

If you or someone you know is a wheelchair user, you’ve probably already considered the possibility of buying a car wheelchair platform. Getting the wheelchair into your car is an important but difficult step when it comes to achieving freedom of movement. If you need to get onto the road with a wheelchair in tow, the last thing you want is to struggle with the lifting.

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After all, even unoccupied wheelchairs can weigh up to 250 pounds depending on the build. If you’ve come across car wheelchair ramps, these might seem like a nice, inexpensive alternative.

While they get the job done, the ramps have many downsides. They can be dangerous to unpack and assemble for the average person. Some of them may not fit in some van doorways. And when the person in the wheelchair gets to the door, they’ll likely have to duck down an unreasonable amount to get in.

You may have more luck with an automatic car wheelchair platform. These ramps will lower on their own with no manual labor required of you or your friends and family. If you’re fortunate enough to have the platform installed into an actual wheelchair van, there will be plenty of room for the individual to sit up.


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