What to do If Your Brake Fails

Car brake failure can be a seriously scary situation. Imagine yourself flying down the road. You see a stoplight ahead and start to push on the break.

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Nothing happens. What do you do in a situation like this? In this video, you will learn what to do if your brakes fail.

One of the first things you should do when your brakes fail is use your emergency brake. This brake may not stop your car entirely, but it will slow it down significantly over time. You will also want to turn on your hazard lights and beep your horn to let others around you know to get out of the way. If you see a road that goes up a hill, turn slightly onto this road so that the hill can slow you down. You can also uses small bushes or the guardrail to slow down your car in an emergency. Some highways even have emergency crash pillows. Lastly, you can turn your car down a gear at a time to slop down the car. However, you have to do this slowly to avoid spinning out.

These tips will help you survive a brake failure. However, it is better to prevent such a failure in the first place. This is why regular brake inspections are crucially important.


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