What Is the California Lemon Law?

The lemon law in California is a law that prevents you from being sold a “lemon.” This means a car that isn’t working the way it should. California has a strict lemon law that protects consumers from these cars.

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The law applies to new cars, used, cars, purchased cars, leased cars, etc. Not only does the lemon law apply to cars, but it’s also applied to appliances, small planes, boats, trucks, and more.

If a dealership sells you a vehicle that is defective, they have to be able to repair it within a certain number of days or a certain number of attempts to fix it. If you’ve been lied to by the dealership, the law may apply to you and your vehicle. When you take a lemon law case to court, the seller can replace your vehicle completely, they can buy back the vehicle, or you can get a settlement out of the deal.

Lemon laws are important for consumers to protect them from investing a lot of money into a vehicle that doesn’t work. It’s also a good thing for public safety. If a car is sold that isn’t safe to be on the road, the lemon law can help.


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