Finding a Good Car Dealer Can be the First Step Toward Finding a Good Deal on a Car

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We are a society full of obsessions.
Obsessions about sports. Obsessions about social media. Obsessions about music.
While some of these obsessions change from generation to generation, some obsessions that we care the most about remain constant. One of those constant obsessions is cars.
Whether we are a fanatic about driving a new car as frequently as possible or we are obsessed about never spending our money on a brand new car, the vehicles that get us from Point A to Point B are important parts of our lives.
Dealing with most car dealers, however, can be another story. In a time when many consumers feel that the best deal to be found is only available on the internet, and through a computer screen, some lucky buyers find that the best way to satisfy their obsession with cars is still on a real lot talking to a live car dealer about the advantages, disadvantages, mileage, and yes, the price of cars.
If you are looking at pre owned cars with a used car dealer or if you are looking at the newest vehicles for sale with a new Chevy dealer, some things about car buying will never change:

  • You have to be able to trust the car dealers you work with. Loyalty is an important part of many people’s obsessions with cars. “My Dad drove a Chevy and bought from Smithtown Chevrolet. His dad before him drove a Chevy . . .” In fact, this loyal Chevy buyer can probably trace roots clear back to 1913, the year the famous bowtie Chevrolet emblem was first used. These type of buyers will often trust a make and model more than a dealer, but they also know what they want and can usually get it no matter who the dealer is.
  • Some car dealers are loyal to a particular kind of car. For example, the local Subaru dealer may have sold that make of car his or her entire career. These dealers buy the cars they sell and are strong advocates for their brand. They are great resources for buyers. These dealers can rattle off Subaru facts about everything from turbocharged versions of their passenger cars, such as the Impreza WRX, to explaining that the company is known for using the boxer engine layout in most Subaru vehicles.
  • Many buyers think that the car dealers on the lot with the top sales numbers are the best people to deal with. While the first impression many people have of car dealers is someone with a pushy personality, these buyers believe the exact opposite. They have determined that the top salespeople on a lot are more likely to be pleasant, well-rounded employees who are known for using their time wisely and focusing on satisfying customers.
  • In many cases the best car dealer is the one you find through the recommendation of a friend or family member. Especially if a past buyer has recently made a purchase, these kinds of referrals will often lead to a positive car buying experience.
  • In almost all cases, the best car dealers and sale people are going to be the people who know the most about the product that they sell. In many cases this does not mean that the sales person has always sold the same type of car, but the best dealers will take the time to learn about the makes and models that they sell on their lots.

How long will it be until you make your next car purchase? While many people are open to a good deal from any car maker, other buyers have specific needs that limit where they will look. For example, if you want a smaller automobile, but still want a vehicle with all wheel drive, a Subaru model might be your best choice. Doing research ahead of time is always a good idea, but test driving cars and talking to trustworthy dealers will increase the chance that you will be happy with your purchase. Whether you will be looking for a new four wheel drive or a used vehicle for your next purchase, car dealers will likely be an important part of the buying process.

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