How to Clean Your Brakes Yourself

Tired of taking your car to the car service center and paying hundreds of dollars? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about having it done by yourself, but do you already know about auto brake repairs and troubleshooting? Here’s what you need to know.

1. First, you need to prepare all the materials required, especially the grease, new brake pads, and the tools required.

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Make sure you have both major and minor materials needed before starting.

2. Next, you need to get the calipers and wheels out of the way to access them. Once you are prepared to start, place your vehicle on a flat and dry surface using your lug wrench to loosen the nuts.

3. Then proceed with replacing the pads. You have to slide out of the caliper easily. Auto brake repair services company would advise getting this done one pad at a time. You have to ensure you’re not going to ruin the rotor.

4. Once you’re done replacing the pads, you may start to put back and reassemble the caliper. You should use a long enough tool and comes with a brake pad and the foot.

5. When you are done with all the wheels, you just have to lower the vehicle and repeat the other side. Keep an eye on the brake fluid and tighten all of the lug nuts when you are finished.


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