What You Should Know About Wheel Alignment

For many people, your car is quite important and is the only way you can get around town. But, many people don’t know how a car works and when a car may need to go to the mechanic. One major issue that people may forget about is their car’s wheel alignment. If your wheels are properly aligned, then it could damage your transmission and you could total your car.

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In this video, you will learn and understand what wheel alignment is and when it could become a problem in your vehicle. One misconception about wheel alignment is that all four wheels should be facing straight and be parallel to be aligned. In fact, car manufacturers have specific angles that their wheels are in to help with traction. That is why going to a mechanic to check your wheel alignment is so important.

There are three different types of angles that a car’s wheels will have. They are the camber angle, the caster angle, and the toe angle. The video explains what each of these angles is designed to assist with.

If you haven’t gotten your tires checked for wheel alignment in a long time, it may be a good time to get them inspected today.

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