Things You Should Do When Inspecting Your Garage

If you want to know some of the most important things you should do when inspecting your garage, follow these simple steps for safety:

1. Manual release- one of the first steps in garage door inspection is releasing your garage door manually. The color must be red as it can be easily seen and accessible; it is also highly recommended that the door handle is only 6 feet below the floor to make it more accessible.

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The handle should also not get in contact with the top of the car.

2. Door panels- another step in garage door inspection is checking the door panels. Check for any cracking sounds when turning it, damage the entire panel’s surface, bulging, or denting. The door panels should be free of wear and tear and any separation of materials to ensure it works perfectly.

3. Warning labels- a properly installed garage door should have all the required warning labels on it. It can either be in paint, sticker, or vinyl. It should have a general warning sign at the back of the door.

4. Wall Push Button- installing the wall push button should be around 5 to 6 feet off the floor. It should be high enough to be out of reach for children. Press the wall push button if it corresponds appropriately. If not, better replace or check for some wear and tear that might be interfering with its functionality.


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