Welding 101

Welding is joining two metallic objects together with filler materials and heat. However, welding requires a unique set of technical skills which necessitates welder training. Steve Christena, the owner of Arc Academy in Chicago, walks you through the welding process and system, the benefits and drawbacks, and what to do in a short YouTube video titled “Welding Basics for Beginners.

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MIG welding is one of the welding systems identified that uses a shielding gas and produces no slag. It is commonly used to join stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Additionally, it is more hygienic and should be used indoors.

Second, stick welding is a flux-based technique. It is only effective on thick metals and is used outdoors when welding steel and iron.

The third is TIG welding, which produces high-quality welds with an aesthetic appearance. While it is difficult to operate, it can weld any metal.

Looking at the two systems, it is clear that a welding system’s choice depends on the metal welded. The type of metal and the nature of the welding work dictates the best style and system for your welding work.

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