Devastating Car Crash Caught on Camera

Sometimes auto accidents can be messy. Yes, cars can get smashed into smithereens. However, the legal battles afterwards can be just as chaotic. This is why you need a good auto accident lawyer. Several car owners learned this lesson recently.

Video Source

In this video, you will see a car go airborne and crash into several parked cars.

The driver of the car lost control after suffering from a medical emergency. The car then drove across several lanes of traffic and hit the curb. This sent the car airborne into the adjacent parking lot. In the video, you can see how the car skips across the roofs of several cars before landing and crashing into several more. Thankfully, the driver was sent to the hospital with only minor injuries.

Unfortunately, the driver did not have any car insurance. This meant that the damaged cars in the parking lot would not be compensated with rental cars. This is a tough situation, especially with the car market the way it is. The owners of the damaged cars also have to pay deductibles to their insurance. However, the owner of the company they were working at generously agreed to pay their deductibles for them.


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