Should Insulated Glass Be Repaired or Replaced?

Everyone loves clear and clean windows but keeping them that way isn’t always easy. Sure you can keep them wiped down but what about when they won’t get clean? If your insulated glass windows start to look foggy or form cracks, it could be time to consider repairs or a replacement. But how do you know what your insulated glass needs? Keep reading to find out.

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There are many reasons your insulated glass windows may be worn. Factors such as
weather, sunlight, and humidity all take a toll on your home’s glass and could cause a repair to be needed.

In case you don’t know, insulated glass windows are double or even triple-paned which makes them more durable than single pane glass. Between the panes is a pocket of air which is what insulates the glass. When the glass is chipped or cracked, the window does not insulate properly which can increase your energy bills.

Foruntently, insulated glass can be repaired if the damages are minor enough. If you need repairs, you may not need to fully replace the glass. Damages such as cracks or distorted panes can usually be repaired, avoiding the full cost of a replacement.

It is important to act quickly once you realize your insulated glass is damaged. If you are unsure whether your insulated glass can be repaired or needs to be replaced, call a glass service professional.


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