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How Old Is the Car That You Drive?

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When parents get ready to send their children off to college they have many things to consider. From the cost of tuition, room, and board and making sure that there is a form of reliable transportation, parents of college age students want to make sure that they have as many things in place as possible. Knowing, for instance, that your 18 year old daughter has a reliable car with the best possible Subaru performance parts leaves one less thing to worry about. In addition, there are many parents who send their children far from home who also make sure that they no of a reliable repair and auto mechanic as well. Whether your college age child will be looking for Subaru aftermarket parts to add personality and performance to a favorite car or you want to make sure that there is an affordable dealer who can get the necessary Hyundai performance parts, it is always important to do your research ahead of time.
Used Cars Provide Incredible Value If They Are Well Maintained

Heavy Hauling: Why Do Roads Have Weight Limits?

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When it comes to commercial logistics, no two carriers are the same. Transportation companies often provide a number of options to meet their clients’ needs: for example, moving produce is going to require specialty food-grade logistics, and moving extremely heavy equipment (like cranes, boilers, — even the blades or turbines used in power-generated windmills) require a heavy haul vehicle that can tolerate that kind of weight.


Heavy Haul Defined

Have you ever driven by a large container truck that had its emergency lights flashing as it drove significantly under the speed limit in the right-hand (or even the road’s shoulder) lane? Most likely, that vehicle was a heavy haul. Heavy haul trucking is capable of handling over-dimensional or overweight shipments, which can cause unique problems for those trying to ship them. By utilizing special trucks and trailers that can carry the size of whatever needs shipping, those problems become manageable. However, most trucking companies must purchase and carry a special permit issued by the governmental agencies, provinces, or municipalities they are going to be traveling through.



What Weight Limit?

If you noticed those slow-moving vehicles, you’ve probably also picked up on road signs that state weight limits. It may have seemed odd at the time — after all, roads are meant to be driven on, so why would cars be too heavy for that singular use? Those signs are in place to prevent damage as a result of a vehicle weighing so much (or carrying something that weighs so much) that the pavement beneath it cannot withstand the pressure.


The maximum allowable weight for trucks on U.S. Interstate highways is 80,000lbs — this includes tractor weight, chassis, and container weight, in addition to the cargo weight. It is vital that both are determined before the shipment begins its journey so routes can be mapped out ahead of time that avoid weight-limited roads.


Fortunately for Canada, the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative will be investing a monumental $2 billion towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Canada’s transportation infrastructure. This could mean an increase in roads that can handle heavy loads, or a complete overhaul and repair of the system currently in place.

Could You Benefit From GPS Fleet Tracking

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Transportation companies are harder work than one might expect them to be. Having a fleet of vehicles is a difficult thing to manage, with all of the guessing work involved when it comes to knowing where all of your cars and how they are operating you can certainly drive yourself crazy if you’re not a calculated person who plans everything down to the very last detail. However, there might be a solution for you if you’re one of these people who have decided to take on the transportation companies: GPS fleet tracking. Here are the benefits to not only your vehicles but to your company as well with this GPS fleet systems.

Considering that GPS was first brought to vehicles in 1996 there have been many advancements since these days. With GPS fleet tracking there is now a multitude of advancements that you can take care of your business and learn to take better control of your company with.

Financial management

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Taking A Look At Car Ownership All Throughout The United States And The World

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When it comes to car ownership, many people find it absolutely necessary. It makes sense, after all, as the majority of United States communities are not connected to any sizable or particularly sustainable system of public transportation. In fact, some communities (likely the more rural ones) might just not have any form of public transportation at all. So while people who live in the city can likely get away with not owning a car as they have access to extensive bus and train systems, most people elsewhere in the country simply cannot.

And it’s clear that cars and other such motor vehicles are not just important here in the United States but truly all around the world. The year of 2017 saw nearly 80 million cars sold all around the world, for example, marking an increase in car products by more than 2.5%. In the June of 2018 alone, the United States saw more than 59,000 sales of various Subaru vehicles, let alone any other make or brand of car. Finally, by the time that our curr