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Three Numbers Proving That Buses Are Revolutionizing Sustainability in the Travel Industry

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Charter bus trips

If you’re trying to satisfy your wanderlust but you shake the guilty feeling you get when you hop on a plane or drive your car for hundreds of miles, there’s a solution for your travel woes that will fulfill your desire to explore and also keep your carbon footprint down; we’re talking about coach buses and chartered bus services.

Most people either think of school buses or public transit lines when they hear the word “bus,” but a growing number of people have begun realizing that there are tons of local bus services that can provide transportation beyond their city limits. And the best part here is th

I Bet You Never Knew You Were Plumber

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Heavy duty hose clamps stainless steel

I’m sure you remember. You were 8 years old, standing in your front yard, making a kink in a long, green water hose that would soon be let go and emit an explosive flow of water to drench your brother, neighbor, cousin or classmate. You didn’t know it back then, but you were acting as a adjustable hose clamp. Aren’t you proud to know that, even at 8 years old, you had an affinity for plumbing?

The hose clamp was invented in the early 1900s by Royal Navy Commander Lumley Robinson. A hose clamp is a devise used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting – like a barb or nipple. Hose clamps come in all shapes and sizes: a worm gear clamp, spring clamps and event wire clamps. You can get heavy dut

The Environmental Advantages of the Bus

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Benefits of bus travel

If you love traveling but you always feel a little bit guilty about how much it affects the environment, you’re certainly not alone — but there’s one travel option that might just be perfect for you: coach buses.

  • Any of your local bus services, by nature, are much more environmentally friendly than other travel options. The mere fact that so many people can be transported in just one vehicle makes buses — from yellow school buses to charter bus services that can carry hundreds of passengers at once, and similar to other publi

Four Signs that You Should Invest in a Custom Car Wrap

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Truck wrap

Vehicle wrap advertising involves a company designing and printing custom car wraps on vinyl and installing them on a vehicle. Wraps are less permanent than paint, so they can be changed frequently, and vinyl peels off without damaging the paint job of the vehicle underneath.

Plenty of businesses gain significant benefits from vehicle wrap advertising, but are you one of those businesses? Here are five signs that you should consider investing in vehicle wrap advertising:

  1. You Do a Lot of Driving Already

    If your business already involves logging long hours on the road, you’re definitely a good car wrap candidate. Think about

Limousine Services Will Make Your Next Event So Much Easier

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Limo service in fresno

There are some occasions where it’s just more convenient to have pre-arranged transportation. Proms, bachelorette parties, weddings; these are all occasions that can be difficult to organize, particularly the transportation. These sorts of occasions often involve lots of out-of-town guests, unlicensed drivers, drinking, or traveling, all of which can lead to major transportation issues.

For occasions like these, your best option is to contact a limousine rental service. A limousine service will be able to provide you and your friends, loved ones, and/or guests with the transportation to get them from point A to point B without incident.

There are a variety of limo services available to suit the needs of your event. If you just need to transport a small group or bridal party, then there are li

7 Reasons to Go to a Jaguar Mechanic

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Luxury vehicle repair costs

If you own Jaguar, you probably go to a Jaguar repair shop to get car repair estimates when your vehicle needs a tune up. Regular visits to the luxury vehicle center can keep your car running smoothly and will ensure you have reliable transportation that won’t break down when you least expect it. There are many advantages of going to a speciality Jaguar repair shop as opposed to a general auto mechanic, and it’s not always clear why it’s necessary to see a specialist. If you’re wondering whether you need to see a Jaguar repair expert to service your Jaguar, keep reading to learn some advantages of going to these specialized mechanics.

    1. Specialized opinions
    Jaguars are a luxury vehicle and are built differently than lower end cars, Continue Reading No Comments

How to Buy Car Parts Online

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Piezas mercedes benz

Buying parts for your Mercedes can be difficult and expensive. Retail stores and dealers are often the most expensive options, because they’re the easiest for most people to find. Following online sources can be a little trickier, but ultimately it will prove to be much cheaper.

Second hand Mercedes parts can be found online that match the condition of those found in retail stores. The difficulty is ensuring that the source is reliable. One of the best options, if you find yourself in need of some rare Mercedes Benz spare parts, is to ask in forums dedicated to the subject. People congregate online to share their love for these vehicles, and it’s likely that someone has some leftover vintage Mercedes parts that might be perfect for your own needs.

Not all second hand Mercedes parts are goin

Three Reasons to Buy a New Car Instead of Used

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Nissan dealership

Needing to buy a new vehicle can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Since it will be such a big purchase, there are a number of different things that you need to consider and look for in a new car. One of the first things you need to think about is buying a used car versus a new car. Here are a few of the main benefits of buying new.

1. Freedom of Choice
One of the main benefits of buying a new car rather than a used car is that you have the most freedom to choose among makes, models, colors, and options. Buying a used car has its merits, but your choices are going to be limited to whatever is on the lot. Dealerships typically have more of a variety for new cars, especially as far as colors go, so you’re going to have a better chance of finding the exact car you want. This is t

Used Car Dealership Have More to Offer Than You May Think

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Used car dealerships

In today’s society, having a car has become almost essential. Sure, some people are lucky enough to live close enough to their job to walk to work, and there is always public transportation to consider, but what about going grocery shopping, or Christmas shopping? Are you going to carry all your bags with you?

Many people see buying a car as something that is completely outside of the realm of possibility for them, financially. However, in many cases, buying a car may be a lot easier than you think. If you’re looking to drive the newest model Mercedes, then you’re likely out of luck, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a barely-running hunk of junk, either.

Used car dealerships can tend to get a bad rap, with those visions of skeezy used car dealers in plaid jackets, lying through their

Machine Health Dependent on Lubrication, Cleanliness

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Milling machine

Tools are an integral resources for homes and businesses across the world. When something breaks, tools are there to he rescue. In fact, since 1200 BC, back when the first machine tools were ever crafted, they have been changing the lives of all kinds of people. But even industrial machine parts needs repair sometimes. So what happens when the tools need a little tooling? Or, even better, how can you avoid needing a genie lift repair or other power tool repair service?
Machine tools are made extremely hard and durable, so regular maintenance is very important. A machine tools parts rub together often, so lubrication is key. To avoid lubrication-related repairs, check the oil line often to ensure that is a