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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

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Most people have experienced the unfortunate event of car problems. Car problems can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your vehicle for your day to day activities. It can be very inconvenient to have a broken car, costing you both time and money. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent a costly and timely auto repair. Cars need to receive regularly maintenance to check for any problems and to catch any auto problems early on. A qualified auto repair shop will be able to complete these maintenance steps for you, and will also be able to provide you with a timeline of other needed repairs and routine checks.

The average car on the road today is a record high 11.4 years old.

Why Pre-Owned Is Better

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A new car is a significant upfront investment in something that rapidly loses values. The reality is that pre-owned vans and previously used cars offer great value. The minute it leaves the dealership, a new car depreciates in value by as much as 20% and drops off another 10% in the first year, meaning a loss of value of as much as 30% in the first year of ownership.

Most cars on the road are at least 11 years old. In 2015, $33,560 was the estimated average transaction price of a new car or truck sold in the U.S, while pre-owned cars sold for about $16,800 in 2014. Reliable used cars, vans and trucks can cost less th

Feeling the Need for Speed? Slow Down Before that Flashy New Ride

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Shopping for a car can be a tricky task. There are so many things to think about when you are in the market for a new car. You will most likely be spending a good chunk of money, so it makes sense that you would take some time to make sure you are making the right purchase. You will of course want to decide if you are wiling the spend the extra money for a brand new car that you would drive off the lot, or a fairly new used car that would probably cost you much less. Then there are the brand and model choices. Are you particular to Chevrolet? Or maybe a Cadillac is more your scene.

Finding your way into the right vehicle
As you make your way through the seemingly endless sea of options for new or used cars, Continue Reading No Comments

8 Things to Look for in a Pre-Owned Car

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It is finally here.
On the day that the last kid in your house is finally out of school you can declare that the summer vacation has started. This summer, however, you have a pretty big task in front of you. While you no longer have to make sure your 14-year old daughter is at school for a couple of months you do need to find a vehicle for your 19-year old daughter who is in college. She had a brand new leased sedan until someone ran through a red light and totaled her car. Luckily, she was not hurt and the insurance company found the other driver at fault, but you are back to ground zero again deciding on a car. This time around you have decided to buy a pre-owned vehicle for her to drive.
Before making the final decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle, however, you have creat

Why a Snow Pusher Is the Best Option

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Cold weather can be costly. A report by the Insurance Information Institute listed overall losses from winter-related disasters at over $3.7 billion for 2014, and $1.4 billion of those losses were uninsured. Ouch! In addition, Accuweather noted that private snow removal services cost New York City over $11 million in 2011. This rose to over $130 million in 2014, while Canada spends over $1 billion per year on it. Snow impacted more than 60% of the contiguous United States in March 2015, according to NOAA’s National Snow Analysis. More than 100,000 jobs related to maintaining and plowing roads were in existence as of May 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.While that might be good news for snow removal contractors, it also means that specialists need the latest and best tools to satisfy

Apply Your Own Spray on Truck Liner with These Tips

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Sprayed bed liner

If you have a truck, you are not alone. There were about 1.6 million pick up trucks that were bought in 2012. Truck sales seem to only be going up. In August of 2015, pickup truck sales increased by about 8%. One concern many pickup truck owners have is the best way to protect their truck beds. Many people opt to apply spray on bedliners themselves. Now that vinyl wrap cutting tape can be used to to make precise cuts in the liner material without using a knife or damaging the truck bed, it has become easier than ever to do this yourself at home.

Before you start, it important to note the benefits spray on liners have over drop in <

Make Your Car Buying Experience Great with These Tips

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You’ve probably seen the commercials, “Love, it is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.” These are incredibly popular cars whose star cluster logo was inspired by the Pleiades star cluster. It also gave the iconic car its name. As of 2011, the Japanese car company was listed as the world’s 26th largest. The car company came to America in 1968. If you like the image they cultivate and the boxy car engine design, you should head over to your local Subaru dealer and take a few out for test drives.

How to Make the Car Buying Process Better:

Set your budget. You might want to run your own credit report to see what lenders see when they look at you. You need to take an honest look at your finances and know what you can afford before you walk in the local Subaru dealer. Thi

Simple Tips and Tricks for Applying Wire Cut Tape to Your Vehicle

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wire trim tapeThere are approximately 252.6 million vehicles on the road today in the United States, and a large portion of them are used for business purposes. Whether they’re part of a fleet of vehicles or they’re used to advertise goods and services while out on sales calls, these cars, trucks, and SUVs tend to have one thing in common: they all need to feature logos, images, and other information about the type of business they’re in.

One of the main wrapping techniques is the wire trim method. Wire trim tape is a type of edge cutting tape and works great for any project. Furthermore, wire trim tape is user-friendly, and almost anyone can operate with it, but there are a few tips to help get the most out of your wire trim cutting project.

  • Because wire trim rolls are backward-wound, they can pose problems if they are wound incorrectly. Here are a few easy steps you can take to fix the problem:
    1. Lift up the end of the tape reel exactly one inch.
    2. Separate the liner from the double-sided tape to avoid confusion.
    3. Next, hold the liner all the way down the roll of the tape. It is very important that you do not let go of the liner or the tape.
    4. For the final step, roll the double-sided tape exactly one full rotation of the spool to adjust any winding issues with your wire tape.
  • After the tape is removed, there is often adhesive left behind. Try pulling the tape a littler stronger and at a slower pace to remove all adhesives.
  • Pay attention to the adhesiveness of your cut tape. Some types are designed to withstand hot and humid summer days; others are better for use during the cold months, so the tape can remain sticky throughout the season.

One of the advantages of working with wire trim tape is that it helps to apply graphics and vinyl wraps easily. These tapes don’t need the requisite six or more hours to dry, like coats of paint. Additionally, there’s no sanding needed in order to apply a wrap; compare that to sanding a truck bed down to the metal to apply spray on bedliners, as this requires 150-grit or less sandpaper.

The Benefits of Buying from a Used Car Dealership

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Buying a car at used car dealerships can be a good or a bad experience, depending on where you go. We’ve all heard about the shady dealers that put sawdust in the car in order to turn back the mileage, or however Matilda’s father did it. Or even in non fiction life, we all know someone who’s paid way more than the car was actually worth. It’s stories like these that make us wary of used car dealerships from well knows names like used Chevy dealers or used Subaru dealers to the local used car dealerships on the corner. However, there are some great reasons why you would shop at used car dealerships. Let’s take a look at some of