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What Homer Simpson Can Teach You About Snow Plows

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Snow and sleet are not just inconveniences. To the many U.S. residents who live far north, harsh winter weather can be costly. It accounted for 15% of insured automotive, home, and even business damages in 2014. So what can the infamous Homer Simpson teach you about snow plows, also known as a sno pusher?

First of all, as you may have guessed, not just anyone can attach an sno pusher to a big truck and call themselves Mr. Plow. There are certifications and special training, of course, because there is an element of danger when large amounts of snow and ice are involved.

The classic V-shaped angled snow pusher most people think of when they think of a snow plow or sno pusher, specializes in clearing snow off of sidewalks. A Continue Reading No Comments

The Answers to Your Questions About Ignition Interlock Devices

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Has the court mandated that you install an ignition interlock device on your car due to a recent DUI conviction? Here is an overview of the ignition interlock system and how it fits into your life.
What is an ignition interlock device?
An ignition interlock is discreet breathalyzer that is wired into your car that you will be required to breath into before starting your vehicle. If your breath indicates a high blood/alcohol level, the interlock prevents the car from starting, which protects you from getting into further trouble.
Why would I get an ignition interlock installed on my car?
If you are charged with a DUI, the court might require you to have an ignition interlock installed on your car to help you learn your own alcohol limits and preve

How Quality Industrial Textiles Can Lead to Positive Reviews

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Since the introduction of commercial flying, air travel has become one of the most utilized transits for long distances, thanks to its speed. Whether it be a business trip or family vacation, more and more people are turning to airlines to reach their destinations.

Currently, an average of eight million people fly every day. With so many passengers, maintaining the inside of a plane must be a regular and extensive routine, especially when it comes to the seats. Because some people may spend hours sitting on a plane depending on their destination, the comfort of a seat can have a huge impact on a passenger’s experience. And with the introduction of forums and review sites for consumers to comment on their experiences, making a flight a leisurely and pleasant experience has never been more important.

Is Your Gas Cap Damaged? It Could be Costing You Hundreds Every Year

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There are over 250 million cars on highways and roads across the country, and sometimes it can seem that we spend as much time fixing our cars as we do driving them. The average life of a motor vehicle in this country is about 11 years, and the auto repair business bills over $55 billion to its customers every year.

The biggest risk to drivers lies in waiting too long to fix problems. Many cars have computerized diagnostic systems and will flash a “check engine” light on the car’s dashboard when it is time to bring the vehicle in for servicing.

Surprisingly, although about one in 10 drivers’ cars is flashing the “check engine” light at any given time, about half of those drivers wait for more than three months to bring their car to local auto repair shops.

Experts recommend performing regul

The Ultimate DIY Project Building A Replica Car

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Are you a racing car enthusiast? Have you always wanted to replicate your favorite models that you see on the racetrack? Luckily for you, there are plenty of sites and stores that offer replication models that you can build at home and even drive! It can be a fun activity to do with your children or friends and you have the satisfaction of having built your very own car from the ground up. (And this way when someone says, “Wow, I love your car,” you can tell them that you built it yourself! How’s that for a satisfactory glow?) However, if building a replica isn’t quite up your alley, there are plenty of replicas (like the cobra replica for sale) that you can buy online as well. One popular car that is often replicated is the Cobra.
A Brief History Of The Cobra
The Cobras are often calle