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Three Subaru Car Safety Features That Are Sure to Get Your Engines Running

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Subaru cars are one of the most popular foreign imports in the United States today. Subaru dealerships across the country can’t seem to sell their cars fast enough. Ever since Subaru of America was established in 1968, Americans have jumped on the opportunity in buying or leasing Subaru Legacies, Imprezas, and Outbacks among many other models. One reason why Subarus are in such high demand is because of its impeccable car safety features. What exactly do they entail? To better illustrate how stellar Subaru’s car safety features are, here are three prominent ones that make driving a Subaru all the more ensuring.

  1. Vehicle Dynamics Control: Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) i

Why to Choose a Subaru or Chevrolet

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A new car is a big investment and one you want to think carefully about before choosing your next vehicle. It will last you for the next ten to fifteen years, depending on how well you take care of it and the quality of its manufacturing. If you’re looking for a dependable vehicle with proven longevity, you should consider either looking at Subaru dealers or new Chevy dealers. You may pay a little more, but reviews prove that the investment you make now is worth it in the long run.
About Subaru and Chevrolet
Subaru comes from Japan, out of the automobile manufacturing section of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), a transportation conglomerate. In 2011, FHI was ranked the 26th largest automaker (based on production) internationally. The name Subaru comes from the Japanese name for

Three Helpful Hints for Any Online Shoppers Looking at Used Cars

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Buying a used car online can be a great choice and an even better investment — not only are used cars significantly cheaper than new cars these days, but with so many leased cars now being returned to local car dealers, these lots are flooded with used cars that need to be sold (and consumers definitely have the advantage here, with more choices and lower prices). Since you probably already did some research online about what to look for in a used car, it just makes sense to look for cars that you can actually purchase online, too. If you don’t have time to shop aroun

10 Songs You Didn’t Know Mentioned Chevy

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Whether you live in a city or small town, you probably drive past many local Chevy car dealerships every single day. Whether they are new Chevy dealers, used Chevy dealers, or both, there are probably a few things you didn’t know about Chevy. Did you know that Chevy has been mentioned in over one thousand songs? Below are ten songs that you probably did not realize mentioned the Chevy brand. So, next time you’re driving past your local Chevy car dealerships, you might put your radio on and recognize one of these Chevy loving tunes.

1. “Ame

You Don’t Have to Make Lemonade if You Get Stuck With a Lemon

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Why buy a used car

It’s always been that said when life gives you lemons, you should make the best out of the situation by making lemonade, however no one wants a lemon when shopping for used cars. When in doubt in regards to the integrity and quality of a used vehicle, it’s best to ask an auto tech for their expert opinion.

So why buy a use car if there’s a chance you might end up with a lemon? The answer is fairly cut and dry; not all pre owned vehicles are lemons. In fact, there are several reasons why purchasing a used car is a smart investment.

Money talks, which is why so many consumers opt to purchase used vehicles. Did you know that according to, the price gap between new and used vehicl