European sports car garage

Tips For Building A Custom Sports Car Garage

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Your high-performance sports car deserves a home you can feel proud of. A European sports car garage fits the bill perfectly. Your investment (sports car) deserves the best in protection, and of course, it is also nice to have a space worthy of housing your investment and promoting your lifestyle.

You do not need to be back fresh from Monte Carlo to enjoy all the benefits that a European sports car garage has to offer. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to have Monte Carlo gambling money to build a custom garage.

Why a European Sports Car Garage Makes Sense

So you are having a little trouble convincing your significant other that having a luxury garage to house your vehicle collection is a smart move. There are some very valid reasons why this is a good choice.

Here are some benefits of transforming your garage into a luxury garage space:

  • It can save you money. That’s right, having your own European sports car garage can be cost-effective. All you need to do is look up climate-controlled storage facilities and figure out how much the monthly rent is to see how much you can save in a year. You will likely be impressed by the savings, and so will your spouse.
  • It will give you peace of mind. If being apart from your car gives you anxiety, it is understood. Knowing your precious vehicle is right in the garage will help you sleep better at night.
  • You will enjoy it more. If you have to hear that you do not drive your car enough, pointing out that if it is in the garage, it will be more convenient for you to drive can help.

Your vehicle likely costs you quite a bit; protecting it should be a priority. The right style garage is like an insurance policy to ensure your investment does not lose value.

You Can DIY a European Sports Car Garage With a Little Help

Let’s say you start from scratch and do not even own a garage. That may actually be an advantage because that means you can build your garage from the ground up and add all the extras that you want without having to demo anything.

If you are “garageless,” you can order one of the custom metal garages, have it delivered to your site, and build from there. You can make some custom adjustments either as a DIY project or hire a professional to help you manage the project.

A European sports garage is not only about the show. It is about having a space outfitted to meet the specific needs of your performance vehicle or classic car. These tips will help you to create an auto oasis for your car.

Luxury Garages

A luxury European sports car garage will have certain “amenities” that you do not find in a run-of-the-mill average garage. For example, while your current garage likely has a gray cement floor, the luxury garage will have durable epoxy flooring.

A true European sports car garage will have all the finishing touches. The walls, floors, and ceilings will be finished and visually appealing. These types of garages have all the floors, walls, and ceiling areas finished highlighting the vehicle.

You will not find clutter or tools left around in these types of garages. Everything from custom heavy duty tarps to protect the vehicle when maintained to hand tools used to check tire pressure has a home in these garages. The car is the star of the show, and everything is done to protect it and highlight its appearance.

Your Very First Step Tip #1

Let’s assume you already have a garage, and your project is going to be rehabbing your current garage situation to turn it into a European sports car garage. Your first step is to clear it out. You will need to get down to the bare bones.

If your garage is full of “stuff” that has nothing to do with your car, it is time to clear it out. Before the glass doors contractors show up to install those beautiful doors to show off your garage, you will need to clear out any debris.

Think of it as starting with a clean palette. As long as you have stuff hanging around the garage, you cannot start working toward your goal. Have a garage sale, donate what you don’t need, throw away the junk, and move everything out of the garage. When you’re done, you should be left with nothing but the walls, floors, and ceiling.

Make A List Of Must Have’s Tip #2

A European sports car garage can be a totally tricked-out space but keep in mind, the more extravagant it is, the most costly it will be. It would be best if you had some things, but there are other things you can likely live without.

Make a list of all the things that you absolutely have to have to make your garage highly functional. For example, if your heating oil tank is in the garage, you will need to consider moving it. It would be best if you didn’t go blindly into creating this garage space. You must have a plan and a detailed list of what steps you will need to take to create the space of your dreams.

During this stage, you may also want to consider design options. Will you be doing any exterior work like replacing siding? What “vibe” do you want the space to have? Will you have “bays” in your garage for multiple vehicles?

Stucco remodeling on both the exterior and interior of European sports car garages is trendy. It gives the space a European feel and can add a touch of class to space. Ultimately, it is up to you how you want your garage to look and what design options will make it one of your favorite places to be.

Get Your Quotes Together Tip # 3

You can do a lot of the work yourself, like painting and putting up pegboards, but there are some things you really do need to get help with. The best way to keep costs in check and make sure you are getting the best value is to request quotes. Most garage door installation companies will offer a free quote. Get the quotes, then be sure to read reviews and shop around.

Getting price quotes and estimates early on in the process is a good way to plan for your budget and know exactly where you stand as far as cost is concerned. It is always best to go into the project knowing what you will have to budget for.

Know How You Want Your Garage to Function Tip # 4

For many people, their European sports car garage is strictly a storage space for their investment. Other people want their garage to do a lot more. They want a fully outfitted workplace with all the bells and whistles like a lift or the space to carry out auto body repair services.

you must give plenty of thought to how you will use your garage. It is important because you want to be sure that your garage is outfitted to meet your needs. For example, if you plan on strictly using your garage as a storage space for your performance vehicle and no one but a professional is putting a tool into it. Climate control is going to be an important feature for you, but cabinetry and shelving are not. On the other hand, if you plan to do some maintenance or use your garage for modifications, then storage for all those specialty tools will be a priority.

Security Should Be A Consideration Tip # 5

The primary goal of rehabbing or building a European sports car garage is to protect your car. Security should be a priority. A high-tech security system can go a long way in thwarting any potential unauthorized access.

While you are thinking about security, you should also be considering a fence design around the perimeter of your property that will add another layer of security. It can be a really great experience having a luxury garage, but it can also be an invitation to thieves to see what is inside.

Consider Installing Lifts Tip # 6

We touched on the idea of storing multiple cars with their own bays. Lifts can give you enough storage for several cars without requiring that you use up all of the footprint in the garage. Lifts can make it possible to store cars on top of each other (not literally on top but one above the other). They can be a great investment for anyone that own multiple cars that they want to keep in the garage and protect.

Look Up, Tip # 7

If you are pressed for space in the garage and need more storage, look up. Garages typically have very high ceilings. All that vertical space goes to waste most of the time. You can easily use that space to hang storage. You can purchase equipment that is made especially for getting more out of the vertical unused space in your garage.

Slat Walls Are Amazing, Tip # 8

A European sports car garage should be as sleek as your performance vehicle. That means you should not have bulky cabinets or shelving. Of course, you will still need a spot or two to put stuff. Slat walls are a great compromise. They turn your unused wall space into instant storage space without the bulk.

Install the Right Lighting, Tip #9

The right lighting is critical. You do not want the standard fluorescent shop lighting that most garages have. Consider lighting that will highlight the beauty of your vehicle and make sure that you are easily able to navigate your garage.

Details Matter, Tip #10

Even if you did not have a luxury or a performance car to protect your garage should be a reflection of your home. Most people enter their homes through the garage. It should be a space that is inviting, clean, well organized, and looks great.

Most people do not treat their garage like it is a part of their home. Paying attention to all the details in your garage like you would in your home is important, especially when you want that European sports car garage feel.

Final Tip

Improving your garage is a great way to improve the equity in your home and create a space that is built for functioning exactly as you want to. You do not have to spend a fortune to improve your garage. You can do a lot of the work yourself to keep costs reigned if you are working on a tight budget.

One of the best ways to approach this project is to spend enough time in the planning stages. A lot of errors can be avoided with proper planning. Having a clear plan in place, including budgeting, will help to move the project along smoothly.

Keep in mind that you do not have to do it all at once. You can spread the project out over a period of time to make it more manageable. Slow and steady can win the race. Finally, be sure that you work with trusted, reliable contractors that are as committed to the project as you are. With the help of the right contractors, your project will come together beautifully and you will have the custom garage you have always wanted. Good luck with crafting the European sports car garage of your dreams.

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