4 Places You Can Visit by Bus if You Live in New York State

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Did you know that motorcoaches account for about 751 million passenger trips that take place every year? This is an incredible number of trips. Buses are becoming a more popular form of transport for a few reasons.

For one, the explosion of social media websites and apps has led to an increased interest in traveling, thanks to all the great photos people post for their friends to see of where they?ve went. A decrease in car ownership — and interest in driving a car with the rising cost of gas — has also led many people to explore alternative options.

Today, there are plenty of great places you can visit by chartered bus — especially if you live in New York State! Here are a few sites worth checking out.

Philadelphia, PA

Did you know that Philadelphia has played a b

The Numbers Behind Hybrid Electric Buses

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Similar to the hybrid cars you’ve been seeing on the roads quite often these days, hybrid coach buses are gaining popularity for a few important reasons. Private bus companies and city transportation departments alike are choosing to invest in these buses, which run on diesel fuel and battery-powered electricity, and which use high-tech computer systems in the engines to switch between the two energy sources in order to conserve the most amount of energy possible.

Hybrid coach buses sound great in theory, but if you look at some num

Big Part? Take a Bus to Get Everyone There Safely and On time

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Getting large groups of people to a common destination can be a stressful and confusing process. To help avoid that, businesses or families would be wise to try to find a bus charter to get their entire party to an event. Charter bus rentals are a great option because, with their size, they can take many people to one or more locations easily. Using a bus charter means not having to worry about wondering when, or if, everyone will arrive and help avoid the stress of having to drive long distances.

Chartering a bus can be a great option for a family reunion or a business trip that is meant to help employees bond with each other. Not only does using a bus charter make sure that everyone gets to their destination on time, but it can also help make a trip more rewarding. Spending a few hours on a bus charter gives the participating individuals some extra time together in order to learn more about one another or to simply enjoy the company. Whatever the need, a bus charter might be the best option for getting a large group of people to one destination.

Being the first of a large group to arrive somewhere can be an awkward feeling, especially if they have to wait a long time for others to show up. Bus charters help avoid that problem. By bringing everyone to a location at once, a bus charter makes sure that everyone arrives safely and at the same time which can help alleviate a lot of stress. This can help make sure that a business retreat or family reunion is as fun as possible.