4 Places You Can Visit by Bus if You Live in New York State

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Did you know that motorcoaches account for about 751 million passenger trips that take place every year? This is an incredible number of trips. Buses are becoming a more popular form of transport for a few reasons.

For one, the explosion of social media websites and apps has led to an increased interest in traveling, thanks to all the great photos people post for their friends to see of where they?ve went. A decrease in car ownership — and interest in driving a car with the rising cost of gas — has also led many people to explore alternative options.

Today, there are plenty of great places you can visit by chartered bus — especially if you live in New York State! Here are a few sites worth checking out.

Philadelphia, PA

Did you know that Philadelphia has played a big part of American history — it?s the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed — and is home to the Liberty Bill? If you decide to visit this city, there?s plenty to do here. You can see the Philadelphia Museum of Art, visit the historic Eastern State Penitentiary, or go to the LOVE Park for skateboarding. Don?t forget to try the iconic Philly cheesesteak in its home city!

Toronto, CA

Located just a little ways over the border, Toronto is worth seeing if you want more of an international experience. Visitors can check out the CN tower (and even eat at a restaurant high in the sky!), Casa Loma (a local castle), and the Hockey Hall of Fame. For adults interested in a great local adventure, bus companies can take you to the Steam Whistle Brewery.

Ithaca, NY

Ever heard the catchphrase ?Ithaca — it?s Gorges?? Ithaca, NY is indeed beautiful — and full of gorges. Although it?s home to the iconic Ivy League School Cornell University, Ithaca is a notable town in its own right. Adventures here will be a bit more rural in nature, allowing for great sightseeing and picture taking. Worth checking out is the Robert H. Treman State Park (it has a natural swimming hole!) as well as the Finger Lakes, which are home to a number of iconic regional wine tours.

Rochester, NY

Rochester may not be normally high on your list of places to visit, but this small city has a number of interesting attractions for those willing to check it out. Visitors can come during the spring to take part in the Lilac Festival — Rochester has more lilacs than any city in the U.S.! The National Museum of Play, Seneca Park Zoo, Seabreeze Amusement park, and Memorial Art Gallery are other highlights worth seeing via bus companies. For those interested in a less established tourism path, the abandoned subway station — now filled with urban art — is definitely worth a look.

Would you visit any of these cities using charter bus services? We would certainly recommend doing so! Why not take advantage of the cheap traveling bus companies have to offer?

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