Are You Worried About the Safety of the Drivers in Your Family?

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Interlock az

Your son is holding on to has life by the thinnest of threads.
After a horrible start to the beginning of the New Year, you can only hope that the one small thread can sustain the weight of all that is going on in the life of your 29-year old son. After a drinking problem that escalated over the holidays, you now find out that your youngest son?s wife has filed for divorce.
Like you, your daughter-in-law is at a loss for what to do next. Everyone involved thought that the precautions you had in place would provide some solutions. You installed a car breathalyzer in each of the vehicles your son could possibly think about driving, you emptied the house of all of the alcohol, and you have been making sure that the entire family is in counseling. Although you knew that the process of sobering up would be d