Are You Worried About the Safety of the Drivers in Your Family?

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Your son is holding on to has life by the thinnest of threads.
After a horrible start to the beginning of the New Year, you can only hope that the one small thread can sustain the weight of all that is going on in the life of your 29-year old son. After a drinking problem that escalated over the holidays, you now find out that your youngest son?s wife has filed for divorce.
Like you, your daughter-in-law is at a loss for what to do next. Everyone involved thought that the precautions you had in place would provide some solutions. You installed a car breathalyzer in each of the vehicles your son could possibly think about driving, you emptied the house of all of the alcohol, and you have been making sure that the entire family is in counseling. Although you knew that the process of sobering up would be difficult, you had hoped that the car breathalyzer would provide some incentive.
And while the car breathalyzer does keep the vehicles from starting when your son with the drinking problems sits behind the wheel, he sometimes just decides to call a cab. You find extreme comfort in the fact that he is not the driver any more, you are holding out a small hope that the counseling and other interventions will finally have an impact.
Families Who Struggle with Alcohol Rely on Car Breathalyzers to Help Avoid Even Bigger Problems
If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, the last thing that you need is a car accident. And given that ignition interlock devices help reduce repeat offenses even after they are removed by 39% of people when statistics are compared to offenders who never installed an interlock, doesn’t it make sense that you should want to take this proven precaution?
Did you know, for instance, that nearly every day in America another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving? the pain and suffering that is caused by alcohol related accidents are impossible to recover from. For this reason, many families make the decision to install a device that can limit the chance of anyone who has been drinking ot even start a car.
For some families, a ignition breathalyzer is one precaution that helps them avoid the bigger problems of consuming alcohol. Consider some of these statistics:

  • Staying safe on the road means making sure that the driver is always sober. Whether you are the driver or the passenger, being in the car with an impaired person behind the wheel is a set up for disaster.
  • Typical ignition interlock systems prohibit an engine from starting if an alcohol sensing device registers above a pre-set level. Most often this level is set around 0.02 BAC.
  • Almost all ignition interlock devices will prompt the driver to perform a rolling retest five to 15 minutes after the vehicle is started and randomly throughout the trip.
  • Yearly costs of alcohol-related crashes in America total more than $59 billion. Emotional costs, however, are impossible to tabulate.

  • Sober drivers are safer drivers. Few things are more important in life than avoiding drunk driving. Never be the cause of the damage and devastation that can be the result of a someone behind the wheel under the influence.
  • Advocates for these devices show research indicating that if interlocks become mandatory equipment in all cars, they will be set far below the legal limit of 0.08 ? most likely at 0.03 to 0.04. Currently, however, there are only 150,000 interlock systems and counting now in cars in the U.S. Most of these have been placed there for drivers with multiple Driving Under the Influence (DUI) convictions.
  • Figures and statistics indicate that when installed, interlock systems are associated with a near 70% reduction in arrest rates for impaired driving.
  • Everyone needs to be concerned about the safety of the roads in this country. Even one drunk driver becomes the problem of every other vehicle on the road, as well as the friends and family of all of those drivers and passengers. Are you doing your part to keep the U.S. streets, highways, and interstates safe and clear from drivers who are under the influence?

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