10 A1 Honest Car Care Careers

According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, an A1 honest car care technician walks away with about $46,880 annually. You can expect to make roughly $22 per hour. Suffice it to say a car technician is a promising career with reasonable remuneration if you are a car fanatic.

The U.S. currently has about 276 million registered vehicles as per the US Department of Transportation data, and the numbers keep increasing daily. Regardless of the vehicle maintenance level, vehicles are susceptible to mechanical challenges. Therefore, drivers will constantly seek car care services to keep their cars on the road. An A1 honest car care technician never runs out of jobs.

Car care careers are not limited to a particular service. The industry has a vast array of specializations, such as tinting services, automotive locksmith services, and used car services. If you intend to make a career out of it, you’ll never regret your decision. The vehicle industry comes with a bag of goodies.

Benefits of Becoming An A1 Honest Car Care Technician

Besides a hefty salary, A1 honest car care technician enjoys the following benefits.

Wide Array of Job Options

As a mechanic, you’ll deal with various challenges daily. For this reason, you won’t be stuck at a desk doing a tedious, routine job. Instead, you’ll constantly perform different tasks, enabling you to learn something new daily.

A car care technical career has many job opportunities, and you can secure a job in areas such as collusion services, auto tinting, and paint services. There’s plenty of work in the automotive industry for everyone, with a reasonable stipend.

Opportunity To Learn Advanced Technologies

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new advanced technologies. According to the Argonne National Laboratory, hybrid electric vehicle sales in the U.S. increased by 4.7% between September 2021 and September 2022. Also, sales of plug-in vehicles have skyrocketed by 42.4%, and about 1,987 hydrogen-fuel cell electric vehicles were cumulatively sold in 2022.

The sale of technologically advanced cars is on the rise. As an A1 honest car care technician, you should be flexible enough to learn about advanced technologies to stay relevant in the job market. These modern vehicles come with intelligent sensors, parking assistance, pedestrian detection systems, and even infotainment systems. A career in car care enables you to learn how to handle the systems practically, hands-on.

Job Satisfaction

Solving complex car challenges and helping clients return to routines gives you great satisfaction. In addition, as a car technician, you have the economy in your hands. Many people rely on their vehicles to work and grow the economy. So, by helping out a driver in need, you’ll be contributing positively to economic growth. With this fact in mind, your job will give you great satisfaction.

Profitable A1 Honest Car Care Services Careers For Your Consideration

If you are a car lover and would love to make a career out of your passion, becoming an A1 honest car care technician is a good idea and very profitable. The car service industry is vast, and the following are examples of good car care services that pay well for your consideration.

1. Wholesale Car Sales Service

When auto dealers have trouble retailing, they usually turn to wholesalers who buy the vehicles at a negotiated price, clearing non-moving stock. The wholesalers then sell the cars, making substantial profits.

As a wholesaler, your job primarily is to seek vehicles considered dead stock by car dealers at their dealerships or at an auction. However, you’ll need on-point negotiation skills to buy the car from the dealership at a reasonable price and then sell it for a good profit.

Wholesaling trade-ins is necessary to manage inventory, especially the aged units that may be tying up funds. It creates a win-win situation between the car dealer and the wholesaler. The auto shop sells aging vehicles reasonably to wholesalers, minimizing losses, and the wholesaler re-sells the cars, making a substantial profit.

2. Tinting Services

According to The Grand View Research, the auto tinting film market’s global value in 2022 is about $3.83 billion. The revenue forecast shows that by 2030, the market will rise to around $5.72 billion. You’ll agree that tinted vehicles have an exquisite appearance.

Besides the growth of the global automobile industry, the need to enhance personal safety and protect expensive car interiors from harmful sun rays has significantly led to the growth of tinting services.

Tinting services will always be in high demand. Many drivers are discovering that auto tinting goes beyond aesthetic purposes, but your health depends on it. For this reason, becoming an A1 honest car care window-tinting technician is a good career choice with reasonable remuneration.

If you are wondering how much you’ll be earning as a car tinting expert, well, according to Glassdoor, a window tint installer makes an average of $50,635 annually.

3. Automotive Paint Service

People notice first your car’s color and paint job – it’s your first impression. No one wants to drive with unappealing paintwork, especially if they want to make a statement at a workplace or an event. So, you always want to ensure your car finish isn’t damaged, chipped, or scratched. If you want to make a good impression with your car, you need to make an auto paint protection company your friend.

While many think painting a car is straightforward, the procedure is quite complicated. Even A1 honest car care technician needs practical training to do the job correctly. Specifically, car painting requires precision, exactitude, and expertise to avoid errors – which are costly in the long run. If you are up to the task, automotive paint service is an excellent career path with a good salary.

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics data shows an automotive paint service technician’s average annual pay is around $47,020, translating to $22.61 hourly.

4. General Autobody Repair Service

Autobody repair primarily focuses on fixing your car to the manufacturer’s standards after a collision or an accident. The goal is to ensure the vehicle retains a pristine appearance like it was never involved in any accident or crash. Generally, collision services focus on your vehicle’s aesthetics, such as body balance and overall vehicle appearance.

Autobody repair services come with a heavy workload. Therefore, if you desire to be an A1 honest car care auto body technician, you must prepare yourself mentally for all-rounded car duties. Below are the most notable.

  • Repairing a dent in sheet metal
  • Glass replacement or repair
  • Replacement of bumpers and other body-damaged panels (not directly associated with a car engine)
  • Restoration of paint as it were before the damage
  • Overall car restoration after minor and major collisions

If you become a general autobody repair technician, you’ll earn an average of $47,270 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

5. Automotive Locksmith Service

Often, drivers misplace their car keys, jam them, or forget them in the ignition. Luckily, an automotive locksmith technician helps them out of these stressful scenarios.

As a locksmith, the following are some notable responsibilities in your area:-

  • Re-key any lost car key
  • Fix car lockouts
  • Duplicate car keys
  • Responsible for car key programming
  • Extracting broken car keys

The primary of an auto locksmith is to fix any car key-related challenge. Mostly, the job calls for creativity to deal with unusual challenges. Also, you should prepare yourself mentally for emergency jobs at odd hours. Remember, car key-related problems require prompt action. For example, if a child has locked themselves in a car on a hot day, your quick service might save the minor’s life. Automotive locksmiths earn about $22.57 hourly, meaning you’ll rake in an average of $46,952 annually.

6. Used Car Part Service

New isn’t always the best option when replacing car parts. Sometimes, buying used car parts makes perfect sense. For instance, the price of used car components is relatively lower and kind to your wallet. In addition, using old car parts contributes to environmental conservation through reusing. Moreover, old components may function as well as new car parts.

You’ll need to be an A1 honest car care technician to work with old car parts effectively. The salvaged car parts may not marry well with other car parts, and a minor error may prove disastrous. You don’t want to disappoint your clients with a bad job or put them at risk, so attention to detail is a must in this job setup.

If you’ve decided to become a used car technician, expect a $21.68 hourly stipend, which translates to about $45,103 yearly salary.

7. Towing Services

It is not uncommon to see a vehicle stalled on the roadside. This is where car towing services come in handy. Your job is to rescue such victims and tow their vehicles to a mechanic’s shop. Basically, you are a lifesaver! However, roadside technicians require basic mechanical knowledge and an eye for detail to be effective in the job. Your responsibilities include:-

  • Respond to an emergency distress call to stranded motorists
  • Check for mechanical problems that may have caused the car breakdown
  • Charge car batteries
  • Tire repair
  • Disengage car locks
  • Fix the mechanical failure

If you can’t fix the vehicle, you should tow the car back to a garage for thorough diagnostics. According to Glassdoor, a towing service earns an average of $47,610 yearly. Plus, you can make an additional $2,709 annually as tips, cash bonuses, profit sharing, or commissions. Sounds good, right? It is.

8. Auto Cleaning Service

Proper auto cleaning services involve removing surface dirt and thoroughly cleaning inside and outside your vehicle. Car cleaning services vary, but typically it entails the following services.-

  • Hand car washes
  • Self-service car washes
  • No touch car washes
  • Waterless car wash
  • Machine drier car wash
  • Soft touch car wash
  • Automated car wash

Car cleaning experts also provide an auto detailing service, an advanced form of a typical car wash. In addition to deep vehicle cleaning, the process goes a notch higher and offers services such as high-tech cosmetic coating and light restoration of decorative paint.

If you decide to settle on car detailing as your career, you’ll make an average salary of about $42,247 annually, per

9. Windshield Repair Service

The U.S. has some of the busiest roads globally, which makes motorists prone to accidents. As car accident cases rise, windshield damages are unavoidable. For this reason, auto glass technicians are always in huge demand to offer auto glass repair services.

An auto glass technician is responsible for fixing broken car windows or windshields. The job comes with good pay, and according to Glassdoor, your stipend will average around $43,998 annually. Additionally, you may receive about $12,590 per year in extra revenue from tips, bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions. Who wouldn’t want some extra cash? Definitely not you.

10. Tire and Wheel Repair Service

Car wheels are always on the move. The constant motion puts them at risk of wear and tear. For this reason, you need to check them often. Getting your tire and wheels checked is always recommended, especially after a long trip, for the following reasons.


  • Check for the presence of corrosion
  • Identify bent rims due to potholes or accidents
  • Check for carb rush or scratches
  • Check for bruises and dents


Once the car owner identifies a problem with the tires, they have no option but to go for a tire repair to prevent car accidents. Below are some of the automotive wheel repair technician duties.

  • Tire repair
  • Wheel and wheel cover restorations
  • Wheel inspections
  • Fix cosmetic damage
  • Wheel balancing to minimize tire wear and tear

Additionally, the job has good pay. According to, you’ll earn about $42,500 annually, or a $21.79 hourly stipend.

In Summary

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’d probably love to make a career out of your passion. In that case, A1 honest car care industry has a sea of promising career options available for you, such as automotive wheel repair technician, roadside technician, and automotive locksmith.

The good news is car care technical jobs pay well, and getting a job should be the least of your worries. There are 276 million registered vehicles that require car care service every day. For this reason, you should consider making a career in the car servicing industry for better remuneration and guaranteed job satisfaction. This guide will get you started.

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