Fuel Efficiency Continues to be a Goal for Many Industries

In a time when more and more people are looking at the option of electric cars, it should come as no surprise that there are many companies that are trying to make gasoline powered cars more energy efficient. From the latest diesel fuel systems to improvements that are made by oil filter distributors, there are several industries that are trying to create engines and entire vehicles that use less gas.

Even lift pumps are being rethought as the automobile industries are making sure that they remain as a viable option even in a time when many people are looking at the option of driving an electric car.

Diesel Fuel Filters Suppliers Join the Industries Working Toward More Energy Efficient Products

Fuel filters and lift pumps alike can have an impact on the energy efficiency of many kinds of vehicles so it is important to make sure that these companies are working with the best engineers to that they are able to be both competitive and profitable, while also making progress that helps the environment. As more and more business owners look at improving the efficiency of their entire fleet of trucks, it only makes sense that small changes in the use of fuel can have a huge impact. Fortunately, the initial investments that these companies need to make to upgrade to more fuel efficient parts will have impact for months, and years, to come.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the impact of the role that fuel efficiency parts play in today’s world:

  • 10 diesel engine trucks are sold for every 100 trucks sold in the U.S.
  • There are as many as 50 different types of diesel engines.
  • Diesel engines are estimated to have a 45 miles pre gallon highway mileage rating.
  • All fuel filters are designed to withstand a minimum of 75 psi internal differential pressure.
  • The diesel engine number one rating is for most efficient internal combustion.
  • Fuel filters help to keep out the four main impurities: water, scale, rust, and dirt.

Finding the right parts for your personal car or your commercial truck can have a dramatic impact on the money that you have to pay for the fuel that you use. For this reason, there continues to be a large group of companies that are working to make more fuel efficient products.

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