Maintenance Tips for Commercial Trucks

Something all vehicle owners want to avoid is large repairs that cost a lot of money. Even for a regular car, repairs can easily exceed $1,000 but think about commercial truck repairs. With over 10,000 pounds of material to carry, no one wants to be in one of those trucks that need to be repaired.

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In this video, commercial driver discusses different tips for commercial truck drivers to maintain their vehicle and avoid any major repairs. Obviously, after a long lifespan, cars and trucks need repairs, but following these maintenance tips will prolong its life.

One tip is how inflated the tires are. With so much weight on the vehicle, one must keep track of the tire inflation to make sure all of them are relatively the same. Especially during summer, a tire with lower inflation could cause it to deflate even quicker putting the driver and others on the road at risk.

If you are new to driving commercial vehicles, this video was made for you. Do yourself and others a favor by maintaining your truck so no one has to worry about accidents. These ten tips will set you up for success at your commercial driving job too!


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