Many People Don’t Think Twice About Where They Get Their Oil Changed, It Matters

A car oil change is easily one of the most important services you’ll ever have to get for your vehicle. Therefore, you need to know what happens during an oil change. These are some of the things a 10 minute oil change place will do while you are there:

Check Your Fluids

A technician will most likely check your fluids to ensure that all your other crucial fluids are filled. He or she may suggest a top-up if you’re low on any of those fluids.

Check Your Air Pressure

Some shops will check your air pressure and then add air to your tires if they are low. They may also notate tire issues and suggest solutions to those problems.

Give You a New Sticker

A reputable shop will issue you a new sticker that will notify you of when to come back for your next oil change. They will supply that sticker so that you keep your engine components clean.

It’s important to find the best oil change shop to take your car to. That way, you can be certain that the workers will perform the service efficiently. You can look for such a facility by doing a search for “auto lube shops near me.” Be sure to check the ratings.

When should i change my oil

Many people have the idea that we need to do what we can now to preserve the Earth and our environment for future generations. While going green is a noble goal, we often don’t realize areas where we can improve our environmental efficiency. One area we can go green is what we do when considering where to change car engine oil. When answering where to change car engine oil, it is important to understand that not all shops dispose of it properly. By asking around, you can find oil change places that deal with leftover bulk motor oil correctly. People wondering about motor oil should ask the shop manager.

There are many things people don’t know about motor oil in addition to where to change car engine oil. You have to be sure to buy motor oil of the right grade and viscosity. This could be anything from 0 to 60. There are many different motor oil types. Consult the shop workers to see what is best for your car. It is also important to know that motor oil is made from petroleum products and as such it is a chemical. Because of this, it doesn’t wear out, but can be cleaned and recycled. Despite this, very much motor oil is discarded of improperly every year. This totals about 200 million gallons that could have been recycled into new motor oil. All of this improperly discarded motor oil could end up in bodies of water, harming and killing birds, fish, and other wildlife. Make sure your know where to change car engine oil next time you are up for a motor oil change. For more information, read this website.


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