Quality Used Car Purchases Save Buyers Thousands of Dollars

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When was the last time you bought a new car? Remember the great feeling as you drove it off the lot? Did it feel powerful? Did you feel just a little bit entitled? The new car smell, the spotless interior, the way the car nearly shimmered across the parking lot as you walked to it from the grocery store. And that’s when it happened. Just two weeks into your new car purchase, you saw an aberration in that new car shimmer. Even though you attempted to park far out in the lot, some how, some way, something must have hit your car. The small dent half way down the passenger side door might not be too noticeable to anyone else, but to you it matters. And just like that the car doesn’t feel quite as new any more. It hardly seems worth bodywork for such a small thing so you live with the scratch. The next week your teenage daughter spills her iced tea on the passenger seat. Although you have it wiped up pretty well, you can still see the outline from where the spill occurred. You probably should have listened when several people told you there is no need to buy a new car when used car values are a better deal. Now you understand.

National statistics show that purchasing a used car can be as much as 35%-40% cheaper than buying a new vehicle in the U.S. Buying used cars seems to be a popular decision, especially when you schedule an appointment and ask an auto tech to help you look over the car. In fact, approximately 3.3 used cars are sold for every one new car sold in the America. In the year 2012 alone, 40.5 million used cars were sold in the United States. Because depreciation flattens out after a car’s second year, it is usually more cost effective to purchase a used car. New cars, on the other hand, begin depreciating the moment you drive them it the lot.

Used car buyers have many options to help them make sure they are making a good decision. One step is to ask an auto tech to look over the car when you take it for a scheduled test drive. You can also search the internet for tips on auto service questions to ask about before a used car purchase. Although certified pre-owned programs vary between manufacturers, many certified pre-owned cars are vehicles that meet a manufacturer’s established standards and carry some form of guarantee against defects similar to a new-car warranty.

After you take the time to ask an auto tech about the reliability of the used car, financially savvy used car buyers have access to affordable used car financing. The price gap between new and used vehicles can be as much as $20,000, according to Cars.com, so the financing is even more affordable. While that warm feeling you get when you purchase a new car is a little addicting at first, you might find that searching for a quality used car is really a better decision.

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