The Biggest RVs Require the Most Advanced Safety Features

Electronic trailer sway control

The bigger the better.
We are a nation that thrives on having the biggest of everything. The biggest houses. The biggest cars. The biggest bank accounts. The biggest list of friends on our social media accounts. the biggest recreational vehicle (RV) to take on vacation.
It likely comes as no surprise thought that bigger can also mean more work. The biggest houses mean more bathrooms to clean and more money to spend when the siding needs to be replaced. The biggest cars often translate into paying more money for fuel on a weekly and monthly basis. The biggest list of friends on your social media accounts means more birthday greetings to send and accept, more posts to scroll through when you open your accounts in the morning. The biggest RV means the responsibility of pulling more weight down the highway and successfully handling a bigger vehicle around the mountain curves that can twist and turn on end.
And while many of the responsibilities of having the biggest possessions can be occasionally ignored, others are essential to the safety and well being of your home. For example, you may be able to chose to put off the new siding on your enormous home for one more summer and you may easily skip past the birthday announcements on your social media account, but the responsibilities of driving a large RV simply cannot be ignored.
Travelers who are serious about the safety of their family when they travel cannot ignore basic maintenance and the use of other features that make RV travel more fun and enjoyable. Three important safety features that are critical to all RV travel are electronic sway control, trailer brake control, and weight distribution.
What Precautions Do You Take When you Travel with Your RV?
First time RV buyers may initially start with two basic goals in mind, price and available accessories. With a set budget, many first time buyers look for interiors that they find attractive and accommodations that include the number of beds that they want. These novice buyers, however, will not make it far into the RV buying experience before they realize that the safety features that come with a travel vehicle are even more important.
Electronic Sway Control Makes Driving More Safe and Enjoyable
Recommended for all most RVs that are pulled with a hitch, these safety devices come in two basic types. The first is a system that helps control sway once it begins. The second is a more expensive and complex system that prevents sway from every happening. Discussing the kind of travel that you will be doing with a dealer is key to understanding what kind of sway control will work best for you.
Trailer Brake Controller Solutions Increase the Safety of Traveling by RV
A two point brake control system can be used with trailers that have surge, also known as hydraulic, brakes. While the pulling power and is a major factor in any RV purchase, it should come as no surprise that advanced braking control systems are also important. In addition to selecting top of the line brake control systems, proper maintenance is also crucial. For instance, brake drum surfaces should be inspected for excessive wear and heavy scoring. When wear marks are worn more than 0.020 inches, the drum surface should be turned. If the drum has worn out of round by more than 0.015 inches, it should also be turned.
Weight Distribution Systems Make RV Travel More Safe
In addition to brake and electronic sway control, another important safety feature of RV travel is a weight distribution hitch. Recommended for any trailer weight that is more than 50% of the pulling vehicle’s weight, weight distribution hitches are available in two different weight ratings: a gross trailer weight and the tongue weight. Discussing the best option with RV dealers as well as more experienced RV users will help you decide which option is best for you.
Having the biggest and best of everything comes with added responsibilities. It only makes sense then that having the largest RV means that the driver will have to take extra safety precautions. Use of electronic sway control, advanced brake control, and weight distribution makes RV travel more predictable and safe.
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