The Truth About Routine Motor Oil Changes

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If you own an automobile you probably know that regular oil changes is the most important part of maintaining a motor vehicle. This is because motor oil serves a number of crucial purposes in keeping your car running properly. In addition to keeping the many moving parts of your engine lubricated, motor oil reduces combustion deposits, slow rusting and corrosion, helps keep the engine clean, and more.

When you go too long without oil changes, you run the risk of what is colloquially known as “throwing a rod.” If you ignore doing routine oil changes and your car throws a rod, your engine will seize up due to a lack of lubrication and overheating, and you will end up with a huge auto repair bill.

We have all heard the rule about changing our motor oil every 3,000 miles. However, this “rule” is just a myth, because the length of time between oil changes depends on a variety of factors. The factors that effect how often you should change your motor oil include the type of vehicle and engine, the local environment, the motor oil types used, and others.

While it is always important to use the recommended motor oil for your car, you need to get an oil change within the period recommended in your car’s manual. If you do the changes yourself, you will be please do know that you can find high quality motor oil online for cheap prices.

The bottom line is as long as you change your oil withing 5,000 miles you should be good to go. Where you go to get you motor oil changed is up to you, but you can always save big time by purchasing motor oil online.

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