Three Benefits of Used Car Dealerships

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Buying a car is an experience. For some people, it is a bad experience. The negotiations, the haggling, the fear of making the wrong decision. All of that doesn’t even include the fear of parting with large sums of money or buying a lemon. For others, it can be a positive experience. It can be a chance to learn new things, test drive new vehicles, and sharpen negotiating skills. A person’s view of the experience may depend on the new or used car dealerships the person visits. Here are the top three reasons to purchase your next used car from a certified dealer.

1. Programs can be used to verify a car’s condition. When car dealerships are backed by manufacturers, used cars that are up to three years old can be “certified” by programs that check the condition of the used car. These programs inspect the cars for damage. Because the company is interested in you returning as a customer, they inspect the vehicle for safety and compliance before allowing the vehicle to be released. You can feel safe buying a certified used car from a manufacturer-backed dealer.

2. Many used cars were once leased cars. Because lease contracts limit the number of miles a car can gain in a year to 9,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles, used cars that were previously leased have low mileage. A person enters into a lease agreement with the dealer and agrees to the limited number of miles per year. In exchange, they get new vehicles every few years at a reduced rate. These vehicles can be great for used vehicles because they generally have not been driven as long or as hard as other vehicles, like rentals.

3. Car dealerships are about more than buying a car. A car dealership is a place that consumers can learn information about their options. Of consumers surveyed, 43% see car dealerships as a place to learn. It is a place to come and ask questions about different cars and a place to inspect the car of your choosing. Car dealerships are also a place you can return to if you have an issue with your car. They are standing businesses that won’t simply disappear after the car is sold.

For your next used car, avoid the hassles and traps of the online only options and buy from a reputable used car lot. You can get a good vehicle at a good price. The options may include a “certified” used car, a car that was previously leased, and you have the chance to ask lots of questions to learn as much as you can. Used car dealerships may be just what you are looking for with your car purchase.

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