Three Common Causes of Rim and Wheel Damage (And How to Avoid Them)

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“Just picture me rollin’/Flossin’ a Benz on rims that isn’t stolen,” the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur spat on “Picture Me Rollin,” a song from 1996. Indeed, there has always existed a large subculture in the hip-hop community around the very idea of rims. They’ve come to symbolize power, wealth and even dominance — and the fact that Tupac’s rims in this song aren’t stolen implies he’s got enough money to buy his own. What rapper could ask for more?

Luckily, you don’t have to sign with a major label to get the benefits of having top-notch rims on your vehicle. But even the most basic rims need a little maintenance every now and then, and the sooner you can get your car into a rim repair shop once you notice the damage, the better. That’s because crooked and fractured rims pose a big threat for drivers, and most times they’re completely unsure of what even caused the damage in the first place.

That’s why we put together this list of the most common causes of rim problems (and alloy wheel repair, too). Read on and know what to avoid on the open roads of the future.

Potholes and gutters and curbs, oh my!

If you live in a place where snow and rain are aplenty for most the year, you understand the struggle of pothole-addled roads. In the spring, rainy puddles can hide the dangers below, and when you drive over them, you risk cracking a rim simply because of the impact. The same thing is true to a lesser degree with gutters and curbs too, though both pose more of a cosmetic threat. Alloy wheels and metal rims tend to get scratched up quite easily when they come in contact with anything that’s not, well, road.

Manufacturer defects and other issues

As unusual as they are, there’s no denying that factory defects happen. And when they happen in the wrong places, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars’ worth of damages to your rims and wheels — even according to the most fair autobody repair shops. While you can take damaged rims to wheel repair specialists, manufacturer defects may require a bit more heavy lifting. Look for cracks and scrapes in strange places, especially where they’re not accompanied by any other signs of damage, for signs of a factory issue.

General aging, warping and wearing down

Tires age. Wheels age. Rims age. When they go, they can get weaker and the tires can lose a bit of their tire pressure, making them more vulnerable to damage incurred out along the roads. That’s when you need to be extra careful about avoiding potholes and curbs and other sources of damage. One bad bump and your rim could crack entirely, opening up the possibility for a severe blowout in the near future. Always keep your eyes open for signs of wear and call a wheel repair specialist immediately if you see them.

Remember that every car is different, which means some may require repairs while others can limp through all right without them. For more information on any of the problems talked about here, get in contact with a wheel repair specialist in your area. Continue reading here:

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