Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Motorcycle Tires

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We all want motorcycles that run well and get us from A to B without any trouble. I say “we,” by the way, because there’s been a huge increase in motorcycle purchases in America over the last 10 years. That all adds up to somewhere around 6 million motorcyclists in the country today — and they want to be out on the highway, not on the side of the road catering to a flat tire or some other kind of damage.

The quickest way to wreck your bike, though, is to assume it’s going to run well forever. Because a motorcycle is a moving machine with various parts that all need to work in sync with each other, one slip could derail the entire operation. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the tires, which should be monitored very regularly. If you’ve never bothered to look much into your tire situation (whether for bikes you own or Harley Davidson rentals you’re taking out on the road), here’s where you start.

1. Keep an eye on the wear and tread of your tires.

New tires on both standard and custom motorcycles should come with deep treads that allow for more maneuverability on slick roads. Over time, these treads wear off, especially if you find yourself driving in harsh conditions or on poorly managed roads. Experts recommend that your tire tread should never dip down below 2/32 or 3/32 inches, so make sure you check the tread often in order to ensure you’re not putting your life (or any of your passengers’ lives) in jeopardy by riding on decrepit wheels.

2. Check your tire pressure often.

Whenever you rent a motorcycle — Harley Davidson rentals or otherwise — the first thing you should do is check the pressure in both tires. It’s easy to take tire pressure for granted, but when it’s not up to standard, you can significantly up the risk of having an accident due to decreased handling. For non-rentals, it’s essential that you check at least once a week, too. Or if you’re going cross country (or on some other kind of long trek), twice a day might be even more appropriate.

3. Understand the basics of riding.

You can load up on all the custom motorcycle accessories you want — in the end, if you’re a poor driver, your bike is going to fall into poor condition. There’s a highly specific science about riding down to the very angle of your lean as you take the bike around turns. If you’re just starting out on the road, why buy a motorcycle for tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t know how to ride it? Start off simply and look into Harley Davidson rentals or used bikes from a dealership. The better your abilities, the better condition the bike is likely to stay in.

This isn’t everything you need to understand about motorcycle tire maintenance, but it’s a start. For more information, contact a garage in your area and talk with the experts. After all, when it comes to riding out on the open road, nothing’s more important than your safety. Continue reading here.

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