What Do You Use Your Golf Cart For?

Used golf carts

It is a little unusual that an 83 year old man who has never touched a golf club would own two golf carts. But in a small town in the midwest, his golf carts are often more fun and economical than his new four door extend cab long bedded pick up trucks. And, he is willing to let his 14 year old granddaughter learn the basics of driving on the golf carts.
While most golf carts are used on the green courses of Florida and other warm weather locations, even the golf carts that serve as training vehicles for new teenage drivers cost the same. Golf cart prices range anywhere from $3,000 for the smallest and most basic, to $30,000 for luxury models that you would never let a new driver use for training.
A golf carts dealer in Florida or a golf carts dealer in the midwest knows the same thing. They are an economical and efficient mode of transportation both on and off the links. The life of one golf cart battery, for example, lasts for two to three days. While this is less time than one tank of gasoline in an average vehicle, a golf cart battery can be recharged without having to purchase expensive gasoline.
In addition to selling to golf resorts, a golf carts dealer can also market their products to residents and business owners who want a convenient way to get around the neighborhood, beach, or field. Many golf cart owners make their purchase for commercial purposes.
College campuses across the country buy a golf cart with four to six passenger capacity to give visiting students a quick, but personal tour, of large campuses. Athletic teams at both the high school and college level use a gas engine golf cart for athletic trainers and other necessary staff personnel. Like an ATV that can be used for everyday uses, a golf cart can be used to check parking lot perimeters at large events, as well as a maintenance vehicle at places as varied as zoos and farm shows.
Laws may vary by state or district, but typically golf carts may operate on any street where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. The minimum age to drive a golf cart is 13 in the states of Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont. Other states allow drivers to operate a golf cart once they are 14 to 15 years of age.

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