What Homer Simpson Can Teach You About Snow Plows

When the snow starts to build up, many people look for snow plows to come and clean up the streets. However, many areas don’t have snow plows, and even more have them but use them only sparingly. And for highly rural areas, property owners can be expected to plow their own snow. If you want a drivable snow plow, you may need to make a truck body selection first so that you can make sure that the truck can pull the snow plow and get that snow out of the way.

If you are shopping for a snow plow, you may need to find a cheap plow that will help you to stay on budget. It may also be a good idea to get an old plow for cheap snow plow parts. Otherwise, the cost of snow plow for truck could be expensive. When you have your own snow plow working, you can use it anytime you like and use it on just the areas that you most need to be cleared. It’s a better bet for most people than it would be to wait for the city to use their snow plow on your property.

Foldout snow pusher

Snow and sleet are not just inconveniences. To the many U.S. residents who live far north, harsh winter weather can be costly. It accounted for 15% of insured automotive, home, and even business damages in 2014. So what can the infamous Homer Simpson teach you about snow plows, also known as a sno pusher?

First of all, as you may have guessed, not just anyone can attach an sno pusher to a big truck and call themselves Mr. Plow. There are certifications and special training, of course, because there is an element of danger when large amounts of snow and ice are involved.

The classic V-shaped angled snow pusher most people think of when they think of a snow plow or sno pusher, specializes in clearing snow off of sidewalks. A bobcat snow pusher is actually ideal for small jobs such as clearing sidewalks and walkways, to clear a path where people walk but there is no road.

The heavy duty snow plows are good for bigger jobs, because one removes hard pack snow. Large roadways that see a lot of early morning traffic are prime spots for a sno pusher. Although school children rejoice at the thought of a snow day, adults groan at the thought of all the work they would have to catch up on. Business cannot stop for the weather, after all.

A snow plow driver, or sno pusher, is one of those times when you see the result of the work, but likely never see the worker. The careful plowing of our streets and walkways is a necessity for schools and businesses to continue running despite the weather. Although it is a profession that has been the subject of humor now and again, it is an important job that requires diligence.


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