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Three Reasons To Buy a Used Car

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According to research provided by Time magazine, about 25% of all new car sales in 2013 were leases — a much higher percentage than in previous years. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re interested in buying a used car in the near future, it means that you’re going to have a lot of choices, because the average car lease only lasts about two to three years, and then the dealership has to take the car back and try to sell it again.

Now that the auto industry is being flooded with tons of used cars that need to be sold, it’s a great time to recognize all the benefits of investing in a used car. For example…

  1. It can

Things to Know About the Subaru and Chevrolet

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Looking for a new vehicle? Looking for a make that’s dependable, trustworthy, and will last for many years? Have you considered checking out your local Subaru car dealers or local Chevy dealer? If you can’t get to a dealer, there’s sure to be a Subaru inventory and Chevy inventory online where you can see the latest listings and any deals they might be offering. Here’s a quick overview of both Subaru and Chevrolet, which may help you make your choice a little easier.


Chevrolets have been around for over a century; since 1912, the company has manufactured over 200 million cars and trucks. They’re owned by the Ameri

Hose Clamps The Tool You Need to Get the Job DONE

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Silicone hose clamps

Every homeowner knows that fixing pipes can be a royal pain. Pipes are prone to leak, rust, dent, break, and even rot. Plumbers, while useful, can be expensive and are not always on-call. If you are ever in a jam, consider getting stainless steel hose clamps.

Hose clamp sizes vary but its basic design remains the same. A hose clamp is simply a device that attaches to a hose (such as a pipe or a vacuum hose) in order to seal its contents. Fittings such as a barb or nipple apply direct, even pressure to the hose in order to seal any gaps or leaks. Hose clamps are typically tightened by a screw, which pulls the barb together. They can be made from a variety of materials such

The Numbers Behind Hybrid Electric Buses

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Similar to the hybrid cars you’ve been seeing on the roads quite often these days, hybrid coach buses are gaining popularity for a few important reasons. Private bus companies and city transportation departments alike are choosing to invest in these buses, which run on diesel fuel and battery-powered electricity, and which use high-tech computer systems in the engines to switch between the two energy sources in order to conserve the most amount of energy possible.

Hybrid coach buses sound great in theory, but if you look at some num

Three Things You Need to Do to Get Your Bike Ready For Winter

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With Thanksgiving well behind us and jolly old Christmas coming up over the horizon, now is the time for bikers everywhere to start thinking about getting their prized Victory bikes ready for winter.

Riding during this icy months is dangerous. Roads are slick with black ice, which can cause serious, potentially fatal accidents. What’s more, the harsh elements can also cause extra wear and tear on vehicles, and can even damage them.

It’s best for motorcyclists and their vehicles to just put Victory bikes away for the winter, and let them rest until it starts to warm up again. Here are a few tips that can help.

Get the Fluids Ready.

Victory bikes need to get their systems and fluids ready before they’re put away for winter. Their oil, brake fluid, and coolant needs to be

How Hybrid Cars Work

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Hybrid fuel economy

Though hybrid cars have been on the market in the United States for about 15 years, there still seems to be a general confusion about the way they work. We all know that hybrids are good for the environment because they release less harmful emissions into the environment, there are often tax incentives for buying them, and that they get great fuel economy. What many people don’t know is how they actually work.

Put simply, hybrid cars are called such because they run from two different power sources, and this is why hybrid fuel economy is so good. One of these power sources is regular fuel that drivers buy at the pump — though generally hybrids run from regular gasoline some

Safety is a Machinists Best Friend

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Safety needs to remain a top priority when working with machine tools of any kind – even something as simple as a genie material lift. Machine tools are generally very heavy and are also potentially dangerous when proper precautions are not taken. The misuse of machines and lack of proper maintenance often ends in a malfunctioning machine – a danger to nearby workers. Additionally, the cost of rebuilding tools can be high.
This is why it’s of paramount importance that machine tools undergo regular inspections and that detailed records and logs are kept. In the end, you’ll have a machine that lasts longer and requires less emergency service, while providing a safer working environme