Auto Repair Scams You Must Know About

While many mechanics are honest, the unscrupulous ones can make a visit to an auto repair shop intimidating and regrettable. This video explains some common scams and how to avoid being taken for a ride. One such scam is the repair estimate scam.

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This happens when a mechanic quotes a small repair or service bill but then, later on, what started as a $50 tune-up becomes a $300 repair made up of fictitious repairs. Be wary of an auto repair shop unwilling to show and explain a fault in the vehicle. This is a sign that they are hiding something.

Similarly, a routinely oiled car shouldn’t need an engine flush as part of routine maintenance. It may also not require an oil change, air filter, or a new serpentine belt. A good way of knowing if these items are necessary is to consult the owner’s manual. The other way is being familiar with the car and the tell-tale signs that something is off, e.g., pulling to one side, balding tires, strange sounds. Being an attentive and informed owner helps evade auto repair scams.

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