Have You Recently Seen Many New Chevy Dealers Locally? Here Are a Few Facts About this Growing Company

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Have you seen several local chevy car dealerships appear in your town lately? Chevy is an important player in the United States automotive industry, and there are new chevy dealers setting up shop in new locations all the time. If you’re want a little more information about this car and truck company, here are a few facts that might spark your interest.

  • There are over 1000 songs that refer to the Chevy brand.
    These songs talk about Chevy because even music artists appreciate the quality that comes with a well made Chevy car or truck. Chevy is an American made product that keeps our economy going and helps keep the job market strong. Popular musical talent acts have referred to Chevy in their lyrics because they want listeners to know their choice for reliable transportation.
  • Chevy cars and trucks drive on over two-thirds of the world’s roads.
    You probably see the Chevy logo every day when you’re driving, but did you know that Chevy has a strong presence in the global market in addition to it’s presence in the United States? If you were to travel the world, you would encounter Chevy automotives in the majority of places you visited. So next time you drive by a Chevy truck, think about how there could be one just like it in a foreign country.
  • Chevy is a huge company that has worked for a long time to find its place in the market.
    Chevrolet automotive has been working to provide safe and innovative automobiles at local chevy car dealerships for many years, and it has produced over 200 million cars and trucks since 1912! Many of these are still on the road and contribute to the strong presence Chevy has. Lots of Chevy’s business is done with local chevy dealers in small towns across America, so they specialize in small-scale and large-scale transactions. Chevy got to be such a big company by always remembering that the customer is right, and by providing a quality product to millions of customers who usually return for later purchases.
  • Chevy is owned by an even bigger parent company, General Motors (G.M.).
    While Chevy specializes in servicing a specific subset of automobile owners, G.M. is well-versed in all things automotive. They pass this knowledge and experience onto Chevy, and together they are able to offer great deals and high performing products that cater to the customer’s needs. Chevy’s reach extends from local chevy car dealerships to their huge parent company, which is how they’re able to play such a big role in the auto industry. See this reference for more.

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