Subaru Inventory Includes Practicality, Fun and an Eco-Friendly Spirit

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As the 26th largest automaker by industry production measurements taken in 2011, you might recognize the Subaru name or its logo of a cluster of stars in the night sky. The name Subaru is in fact taken from the Japanese word for the Pleiades star cluster, one of the most visible and recognized constellations. A complete Subaru inventory includes a number of recent models that are known for being practical. Many models come standard with All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and are fun to drive.

When you walk on to the lot of local Subaru dealers, the flashy turbocharged versions of their passenger cars are eye-catching, such as the sporty Impreza WRX, which is certain to be present in any dealer’s comprehensive Subaru inventory. In addition to the Impreza, a comprehensive Subaru inventory will include the automaker’s popular wagon model, the Outback, and the small SUV models, the Forester and the Tribeca.

Perhaps the most popular of any model in a Subaru inventory, the Outback was advertised in the late 1990s by none other than the film character “Crocodile Dundee,” as portrayed by Australian actor Paul Hogan. It might have been a bit misleading, however, to associate the Outback with a character like “Crocodile Dundee.” The Outback is not an Australian car, after all.

Perhaps they should have named it the Subaru Samurai, or the Subaru Shogun. Samurais can certainly be rugged and adventurous, as the Outback name seems to connote. Indeed the vehicle’s AWD, roof rack bars and ample wagon storage are certainly geared toward an active, adventurous car shopper. The Subaru Shogun could be a catchy, alliterative name, but a Japanese feudal lord does not inspire the same kind of outgoing spirit as the Outback name.

It’s possible that if Subaru had named the vehicle the Samurai or the Shogun, rather than Outback, the model might not be as popular, and Subaru inventory might become bloated with unsold, poorly named models. In any case, “Crocodile Dundee” was an appropriate spokesperson for the Outback, and the name is certainly better than that of the initial model in the Subaru inventory, which was simply dubbed the Subaru 1500.

Another interesting fact about the Outback and all models in a Subaru inventory, is that the automaker sources and uses a very high proportion of recyclable materials in the production of their vehicles. The end of life recycling rate for Subaru is an astonishing 97.3%. This high recycling ratio rate applies to any model, whether it is bought from the Subaru inventory of local Subaru car dealers, or from an ad in the classifieds: “used Subaru for sale.”

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