How Does a Moving Floor Trailer Work?

When it comes to moving large amounts of stone or wood chips, few machines can do the job as well as a trailer. Since trailers can hold so much cargo, they are common vessels for any kind of flooring material for a construction site. For example, if you need a ton of wood chips for a new playground, chances are that the first call you would make is to a live floor trailer rental company. Not only can these trailers haul tons of wood chips, they can also take a work out of taking the material out of the truck.

Video Source

A moving floor trailer is exactly what it sounds like, and in this video we will take a look at how these magnificent vehicles work.

As you can see, a moving floor trailer is outfitted with several panels on the truck bed that move back and forth rhythmically. This causes the material inside to pour out at a steady pace, without overflowing the site. Additionally, many of these trailers have several axles visible from the bottom of the truck bed. Clearly, several of these trucks can increase or decrease the speed in which they pour out material. Moving floor trailers save tons of time for workers on construction sites.


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