Kelley Blue Book’s Top Three New Cars for April

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According to Forbes, now is a good time for new car shopping. The statistics indicate that a lot of people are interested in buying new cars, too — the average motorist decides to change their vehicle about once every 22 months, which is, interestingly, about the same frequency with which people now trade in their cell phones.

According to Experian, the average new car loan payment is $470, while the average lease is $420. Since these numbers are the average, however, they won’t necessarily indicate your only options — many luxury cars are leased, which pushes that statistic higher.

Are you interested in knowing what to look for when buying a new car? Kelley Blue Book has just released their list of the 10 best car deals of the month. Here are some highlights worth keeping in mind.

1. 2013 Nissan Leaf

When it comes to new Nissans for 2013, the Leaf takes the cake for a number of reasons, and it’s no surprise that it was KBB’s #1 pick for the month. It’s a five-passenger, all-electric car, so you’ll never need even a drop of gas. It has high consumer ratings, ranking #1 for fuel economy, and very highly for safety. Out of the top three, it’s the cheapest new car. This new Nissan for sale has one key issue: horsepower, coming in at #12 out of 12 compared.

2. 2014 Ford Taurus

At #2, the Ford Taurus is another great choice for affordability-minded consumers. Unlike the Nissan Leaf, it ranks third for horsepower. On the other hand, its fuel economy isn’t as showy, ranking #17 out of 20 compared. KBB recommends this car to people who like “the feel of a big, solid car” that doesn’t “scream SUV.” The standard equipment for this vehicle is fairly extensive including steering wheel controls for audio, and antilock disk brakes.

3. 2014 Toyota Venza

Coming in strong for third place, the Toyota Venza has generous cargo capacity as well as good visability, two things many consumers have been drawn to. It has the power and space of an SUV without quite being an SUV. The vehicle rates highly for safety, though consumers have been less impressed with its interior and exterior design.

Are you looking for a Toyota, Ford, or new Nissan for sale? Let us know in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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