Looking for Easy Home Projects? Try Replacing the Steel Hose Clamps Under Your Kitchen Sink

Nas clamps

Are you a new home owner who feels overwhelmed by all of the repairs you need to perform? Home decorating and renovation experts recommend sorting tasks into two groups: the ones that you can do yourself, and the ones that you’re going to need an expert’s help with. There are many home repairs that can be accomplished in the course of a weekend: painting a room, replacing the stainless hose clamps on your dryer output, getting a good head start on cleaning your gutters. But sometimes, home improvement projects can get a little out of hand: there’s no shame to admitting you need a little extra oomph from a professional to finish your projects.

If you’re planning on painting a room in your home, take some time to consider what kind of paint you’ll need. If you’re living in a home that was built before the late 1970s, you should have a professional contractor test your home for lead paint. Once you have removed any lingering lead-based paint from the walls, you can lay down a primer coat and then a few coats of whatever color you would like. Home improvement stores offer a rainbow of paint possibilities, and you can often obtain small amounts of paint to use as testers. Paint a small section of your wall and then leave it there for a few days: how does the color look in the morning? How does it change at night?

You can take as much time as you need for repairs like painting or upholstery, but gutters and roofs demand more immediate attention. There is a wide range of metal roofing shingles available, and they can extend the life of — and the resale value of — your home considerably. In general, roofing repairs and window replacement have the highest return on investment, or ROI. Experts recommend new thermally broken windows and doors: the steel is extremely thermally resistant and can protect your family in the event of a structural fire. In order to avoid fires, however, you need to make sure your gutters are clear at least twice per year.

If you have trouble with nests in your gutters or leaves that are starting to mold, you might want to look into installing gutter covers. Held in place with premium hose clamps, gutter covers look a bit like netting. They allow water through but will prevent squirrels and birds from setting up shop in your gutters. You need to watch piles of leaves for mold, which can affect pets’ and children’s breathing indoors. Take piles of leaves and containers with standing water and put them into a bonfire if local laws allow. Otherwise, incorporate leaves into a compost pile and break them down into gardening soil.

When you’re done taking care of the great outdoors, have a look under your kitchen sink and see how the stainless hose clamps are faring. They tend to have a long life span, but if you notice any rust, your pipes may have sprung a leak. Stainless hose clamps are typically used for automotive repair and for plumbing: hose clamp sizes may vary, but they are used for situations where you need to have an airtight seal. You may notice that your plumbing system needs an update: if you have experience in doing your own projects and you feel confident, then try your hand at replacing stainless hose clamps.

If you’d rather call in a contractor, have them point out the problem to you and explain how you can handle it yourself next time. Home improvement projects are fun, but if you feel like you’re doing more than you want to on your weekends off, contact a contractor and tell them what you would like to have done. Keep the fun in home improvement and you’ll feel much better at the end of the day.

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