Porche Repair Services You Should Know About

This video talks about Porsche repair services and simple tasks that one should do at the appropriate intervals.


The menu on the vehicle’s cluster is very helpful in letting the owner know when it’s time to do different things. One task that needs to be done in a timely fashion is an oil change.

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Specific models have a long time in between oil changes, such as 15,000 km or one year from the day the owner picks it up.


The customer will receive a full oil and filter change and a fluid and filter check during an oil change. The tech will change the air filter if it needs to be changed and top off the fluids if they need to be topped off. The technician will also look at the person’s tires to ensure they are full of air and do not have any visible tears, bubbles, or exposed wires. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommended date, the vehicle may also need tire rotation or wheel balancing services.


Keeping the vehicle maintained at the right intervals is the best way to keep it functioning perfectly at all times. It will prevent random breakdowns and mishaps so that the owner can enjoy the vehicle thoroughly.


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