Semi Truck Repairs Guide Wheels

Semi truck wheels can be both a pain and a pleasure to manage. The clip “How to Change Semi Truck Wheel Seals Step by Step. Owner Operator Truck Repair DIY” focuses on changing the wheel seals during a semi truck repair. When changing the wheel seals, one should be careful about how they handle the wheel.

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You must remove the seal carefully not to damage it or the wheel any further.

When changing wheels in a semi truck repair, use a spud wrench to loosen the bolt and slow down its rotation. As you remove these bolts, please note which side you remove them from. The next step is to apply vice grips or clamp the wheel with a vise. This is to secure it in place while you work on other bolts with the other hand.

After removing all the bolts, use a socket wrench to apply downward pressure on both sides of the wheel and remove one of the seals. Use a quick-release set to replace your new seal and replace it accordingly. Make sure you secure both sides tightly before you drive your truck. Your wheel should be safe to drive on after changing the wheels in a semi truck repair.


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