Tips for Delivering Roll Off Dumpsters

Roll off dumpsters take a number of steps to deliver successfully. If are renting a roll-off dumpster for the first time, it might be helpful to know just how one will be delivered to you, and if there are any preparations you need to make. These dumpsters require a lot to transport and then eventually drop off at a location. Let’s run through the process of delivery, from the preparation of a dumpster to its placement and delivery.

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Once you’ve placed your rental, you will communicate just where you’d like your dumpster to be placed at your property. Using cones to mark where you’d like the driver to place the dumpster will be helpful for exact placement. Make sure you keep the area surrounding the cone free of cars, low-hanging tree branches, or hanging wires. During delivery, the driver will back your delivery into the driveway or lot you’ve indicated and roll the dumpster off the back of the truck. Dumpsters are slowly loaded to the ground to prevent any damage to it, but you may place protective materials on the lot for extra security.

For a more detailed demonstration of how roll off dumpsters are delivered, be sure to watch the clip we have linked above.


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