Tips For Selling Your Car For Cash

Sell my car for cash! Here’s how to minimize stress and maximize income on the sale of your car.

1.Prepare Your Car for Sale

Ensure that your car is suitable for sale. This means having all the paperwork ready and doing essential repairs to your car.

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Clean your car properly to boost its appearance and increase the chances of a quick sale.

2.Valuing Your Car

Estimate the value of your car to avoid being shortchanged. If you’re going to sell through an online car buyer, get a quote from their site. Also, see how much similar cars are selling for if you’re going to use eBay auctions.

3.Quick Cash Car Sale Avenues

You can sell your car for cash quickly through various platforms including online buyers, private sales, online auctions, ‘real life’ auctions, and ‘real life’ dealerships. A private sale has the highest price though it’s a slow process. Take and share good photos of your car including the odometer, the tires, and the engine.

Sale Process

  • If you took out a loan to finance the purchase of your new car, you need to repay it prior to selling.
  • In addition to handing over the car keys, you’ll need to surrender the car’s logbook. Fill in the new keeper slip to transfer the ownership completely.
  • Pass any documents and handbook to the new buyer.
  • For more cash, sell the road tax disc separately.
  • With these tips above, sell my car for cash will be a smooth process.

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