Here Are Some Signs Youre Having Transmission Problems

Car repairs can be extremely costly, especially if you wait too long to repair them. Driving a car that is having transmission issues will eventually lead you down a path of extremely high bills. To prevent this from happening, you can learn the early signs of transmission problems.

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That way, you can bring your car to the mechanic before it becomes unrepairable. The first sign you need to be on the lookout for is when your engine starts revving a lot right before it shifts gears. There should be a smooth transition between gears that should be practically inaudible to the driver.

One of the biggest, and most inconvenient, signs of transmission trouble are when you put your car in reverse and it doesn’t move. Not only is this a giant pain, but it can be very dangerous. If you need to back your car up in a hurry to avoid a collision or another type of accident, your transmission problems could put your life in danger. If you let your transmission get extremely dirty before you flush it, you might cause more problems than you solve. Once the dirt builds up when you flush it will clog pipes and cause your tranny to start to slip.


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