Truck Driver Jobs and The CDL Classes That Help

Commercial driving school is essential given the number of truck driving jobs that exist throughout the United States. With almost 19 billion tons of cargo expected to be in need of truck freight by 2040, there is likely also a need for additional CDL classes to help develop the skills of more drivers.

CDL Classes

The truck driver test is much more difficult to prepare for than traditional driving. This is because transporting a multi-ton load for hours or days at a time is a challenge. Considering the fact that a semi-truck is about 16 times heavier than the usual car, the engine and braking systems of the truck are much harder to control in traffic and troubling weather. All of this must be learned closely in a CDL class before even considering taking the test.

Truck Driving Jobs

With millions of truck driving jobs available in the U.S., this is also a growing field. Considering the growth of the transportation industry, requiring many more loads to be moved, there will be a growing number of truck driving jobs over the next couple of decades as well. Despite the image of truck driving as a common job, CDL training and the truck driving test are quite complex. Trucks are a dangerous piece of the road, making a need for truck driver safety training essential. Those drivers transport about 70% of the nation’s freight on a regular basis and with their weight and maneuverability, accidents are possible.

Detailed Truck Driver Training and CDL Driving School

While many people assume that the work of a truck driver is one for the simplest minds, the detailed training of CDL classes is actually a challenge. Considering the weight of the semi-truck there is much more to know about defensive driving, making defensive driving and safety training a much more essential need in truck driving school than it is when getting your standard driver’s license.

With the many challenges to driving a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, there is much to consider about improving CDL classes. Our three-and-a-half million truck drivers in the country move about 70% of our nationwide freight and require a great deal of training. Many dangers exist with the truck driving job, even as simple as the time it takes to stop an 80-ton truck. There is a great deal of improvement needed for either the first set of driving lessons while it could also be increased for those drivers who have received citations for accidents and speeding. A great deal can be taught in regards to defensive driving as well as the management of high-traffic situations and other dense settings.


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