What You Need To Give Your Car Smooth Perfect Look

An auto touch up paint kit is ideal for covering and repairing small blemishes, scratches and chipping on cars. Apart from hitting things leading to unsightly scratches or chips, other minor marks appear on your vehicle, and you have no idea where they came from. According to a recent Direct Line survey, 52% of all car damage reported is from keying or scratched paint. Now, you buy this kit and keep your car looking new without going to your local garage.

Start by identifying your paint code
Before start painting your car, know the vehicle’s color code for a perfect match. The auto industry refers the following colors as neutral: white, black, gray and silver. However, you still should use the code given by your manufacturer. This gives you the perfect color to match the specific car and allows you to pick the right auto touch up paint kit.

Prepare the car
Clean the whole car or just the area that needs touch up paint. If the area has rust, remove it with 220-grit sandpaper and apply a coat of the automotive primer and leave it to dry for more than 12 hours. Before you decide to do it outside, check the weather conditions and if they are not favourable do it under a shaded area, but it should be well-ventilated.

Apply the paint
After the primer has dried up, apply the paint, but in very light coats and give it time to dry before you add another layer. Applying many thin layers gives your car a smooth look when you eventually finish. You need to do this until the touch paint applied looks adequate. Leave it to dry overnight.

Clear coat
With the touch up paint dry, you can apply the clear coat in the same way as the base coat. Allow each thin layer to dry before you add another. Avoid using too much pressure; the paint is still not completely dry. So, just float the clear coat over the paint to avoid blasting it off.

Polish Up
This is the final step and the last chance for you to give your car a perfect look. However, you must leave the paint and the clear coat to dry for a few days before you polish it up. The rubbing compound enables the automotive touch up paint to blend with rest of the car’s surface. By the time you are done, no one can tell where the scratches were; the whole car will look smooth and shiny.

Finally, choose an auto touch up paint kit that that is much simpler and deliver a perfectly professional finish.

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