3 Common Types of Floor Mats For Your Vehicle

Rubber floor mat

If your initial perception of floor mats was just for aesthetic purposes, then you are utterly wrong. Floor mats and liners serve other important roles such us keeping and maintaining cleanliness while protecting the carpet in your car. Drivers have varying floor mat needs and depending on one’s preference, it is important to find a car carpet that can withstand different conditions.

Generally, floor mats are used to keep dirt out of your car; they also have the ability to absorb water and moisture content from your feet. With a quality material and articulate designs, you are sure to give your car a premium appeal that lasts longer. Depending on the type of car and budget, there are various floor mats for specific car need. If you are driving some vintage machine, there are classic car floor mats you could use. But if you prefer a more personalized appeal, you can purchase a custom car carpet that depicts your car’s make, model and year, all the way back to the mid-1940’s.

What’s the state of car carpet? If the car flooring you have has a 10-years and above tag, then you should consider replacing it. It makes no sense to have a new floor mat if the carpet is already worn out. However, here’s where the problem comes in, choosing the right floor mat for your car. Luckily, this article will try to breakdown the various types of mats and give you options to evaluate.

Fabric floor mats
Of all the different types of floor mats, these ones are probably the most affordable mats in the market right now. Not only are they cheap, but also readily available. Fabric floor mats are made from quality material and they feature a rubber back for steady grip on the car floor. Furthermore, their perfectly stitched up inner cushions offer comfort and class, not forgetting they are also water-impermeable. The good thing about this kind of car mat is that it can be easily replaced and washed even on a daily basis. However, due to short shelf life, fabric floor mats start to sag and wear out easily as compared to other car mats available. You will be lucky if you can find classic car floor mats made of fabric. This is because they seamlessly complement the look on your vintage vehicle.

Rubber mats
If you are looking for a long lasting and pliable material for you car carpet, a rubber mat should be your first option. For starters, they feature various elements like grooves and square ribs that prevent them from slipping. Also, their textured surface allows them to soak water and even dirt. Unlike the common traditional colors which were, gray, tan and black, you can now find these mats in other distinct colors. However, don’t expect any aesthetic value in this type of mat because they are basically designed to keep dirt out and not to improve the interior look of your car.

Aluminum floor mats
One popular material for classic car floor mats is aluminum. Why is this? Well, aluminum floor mats are lightweight as compared to other products available. They are weight-friendly especially in cars with lightweight body panels. Typically, they are flat in shape and can be custom designed to fit specific care models. With numerous colors to choose from, don’t forget to pick high-quality ones that keep dirt and water out the car surface.

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