For Diesel Engines, Maintenance Is Paramount

Duramax performance injectors

Are you thinking about purchasing a diesel truck? As with all major purchases, it is a good idea to do a bit of research before making a final decision. Save yourself some trouble down the road, literally and figuratively, by knowing what you’ll need from this new vehicle. Motor vehicle companies like to point out that their company is the best, but the truth is that the best vehicle is the one that fits your requirements. If this will be your first diesel truck, there are a few things you should know.

The Numbers You Didn’t Know On Diesel Engine Vehicles.

Rudolf Diesel patented the first diesel engine over 125 years ago. With the rise of compact hybrid cars and now sleek little electrical cars, the sales of diesel engines dropped to 3.2% back in 2012. That won’t be for long, however; it is estimated that number will be doubled by 2018. The year 2014 saw the sale of nearly 490,000 clean diesel cars. Yes, diesel engines are actually 20 to 40% more fuel efficient than cars that use regular gasoline because the fuel is about 25 to 35% more nutritive than regular gasoline. The variance of fuel efficiency depends of course on how well maintained the fuel injectors, etc. are as a clean engine is an more efficient one.

How to Tell If an Injector Is Bad On a Cummins or Duramax Performance Injectors.

On the website Truck Trend Network, they state that the fuel injection system will fail for one of two reasons. Either the fuel itself is causing a problem, or the soundness of the injector structure is in question. Maintaining a proper maintenance schedule can help keep a diesel engine running smoothly, especially in older diesel engines. Newer Duramax performance injectors or Cummins fuel injectors fire twice as often during an engine cycle, sometimes three times as often. This practice causes the injectors to wear down faster. Still, changing the filters often and using quality diesel fuel hold a number of ailments at bay.

So What’s the Difference Between Some of the Most Popular Diesel Engines?

The engine is what sets a diesel apart. A few popular brands are Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke. The site They Differ has a great breakdown of how these engines differ. Essentially, the more torque and horsepower you desire in a vehicle, the less economy you’ll see on fuel, as with a Power Stroke. The lower torque and horsepower of a engine, say, with Duramax performance injectors, will give you more fuel economy. There is always a trade-off.

A great car is relative. The diesel engine has lost some popularity over the past decade, it’s true. But it is making a come back for a good reason. A properly maintained engine runs cleanly by burning fuel efficiently. It’s using quality fuel in the engine that’s right for your job that makes the difference.

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