5 Questions to Ask about Self Storage Space

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In addition to storing furniture or unneeded household items temporarily, self storage can allow you to tuck away seasonal items, protect your boat or car during bad weather and clean out room in your basement or garage. But with 52,500 storage facilities in the United States, how can you find the right storage company for your needs? Here are five questions you should ask:

  1. Are the Self Storage Units Convenient?:
    Go see, in person, the storage units that are available. You don’t want to be toting many items—or heavy items—up and down narrow rolling ladders in a crowded facility where the self storage units are stacked four high. Ease of access is likely even more important when it comes to car or boat storage.
  2. What Kind of Climate Control Is Offered?:
    Many units offer air conditioning, which may be necessary if you’re storing electronics or delicate wooden items prone to warping with temperature change.
  3. How Are My Belongings Protected?:
    This might be as simple as making sure the storage buildings are solidly built and can handle any weather conditions common in your area. Make sure the storage area is clean and dry before you sign any agreements. If you’re storing valuables—and particularly if you’re investigating car storage—make sure the facility has adequate security and has a good track record of keeping others’ vehicles and belongings safe.
  4. When Can I Access My Belongings?:
    Some storage facilities have limited hours, which could be a problem if you need to get to an item on a Sunday morning or late at night. Many, however, offer 24/7 access via electronic codes or other access methods. Take into account how often you’ll need to be in and out of your unit and ask about emergency access.
  5. What’s the Cost?:
    You’ll need to balance out how much you’re willing to pay with how much and what items you’re storing. If you’re storing antique furniture or artwork, for example, expect to cough up a little extra to cover the amenities offered by a nicer storage facility. Collector car storage is obviously going to be pricier than more run-of-the-mill winter car storage, but it’s worth protecting your investment.

Have you used self storage units? What are your recommendations? Share in the comments. For more, read this link.

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